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Yangtze Capsizing: China using every method, even Three Gorges Dam to save lives!

Published: Jun. 04, 2015

World’s largest water project, Three Gorges Dam is used to block much more water than usual, hence to lower water level of where the Yangtze River cruise ship carrying over 450 capsized on the night of June 1st, 2015. Currently, the water level of the capsized site has dropped clearly and this makes rescue work easier. Although the method may lead to a great loss in money, more dam staff to work day and night, inconvenience for the nearby residents, nobody complains. The Chinese people are trying their best to save more lives.

The Most Recent Rescue Update

As of 09:00 on June 4th, 2015, rescuers have found 80 passengers, including 14 survivors.

Current Rescue Work

Currently, there are four groups involved in the rescue work.
  Group 1:
Cut the uncovered ship bottom, so divers can go inside for searching. As of now, two holes have been cut out but find no survivors. Rescuers are now cutting the third hole. 
 Group 2:
Over 200 professional divers are searching underwater in three shifts. Although the water is unclear and visibility is low due to continuous rain, they do not give up. 
 Group 3:
The local government and villagers downstream are doing a blanket search. The searching area has been extended to 137 miles (200 kilometers) from the capsizing site.  
 Group 4:
They have fixed the ship with steel lines to avoid it sinking down to the Yangtze River bed.

Basic Self-Rescue Methods on a Sinking Ship

1. Stay calm. Find a life jacket and wear it on as soon as possible. If there is no life jacket, find something else which can float as a rescue tool.
2. If the ship sinks quickly, the possibility of living is larger for those jumping into the water. The best jumping position is the stern. Jump as far as possible from the ship, as the whirlpool formed by the sinking ship may drag one to deer water. When jumping, do not look down; keep the legs straight and close together and let them go into water first. If doing right, one will get to the water surface in seconds with the help of the life jacket.
3. If in the sea, avoid drinking sea water to protect body from dehydration.
4. If the ship sinks slowly, go to the upper most deck by stairs. Stay close to the site where there is a life boat.  

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