Lingjing Hutong

Lingjing Hutong is located in the center of the Xicheng District of Beijing, and lies between Fuyou Street in the east and Xidan North Street in the west. It crosses the Zaolin Yard, South Street of West Huangchenggen, Dongxie Street, Xinjian Hutong and Beiyin Hutong. The overall length is 664 meters (about 726 yards).

During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), this lane was in two parts. At the western end there was the Xuanchengbo Houqian Street, so called as Xuanchengbo mansion was situated there. Lingji Palace was built at the eastern end in 1417 and dedicated to Xu Zhizheng and Xu Zhi'e, two brothers who were reserved as immortals during the reign of Emperor Zhu Di. Later, Lingji Palace became the meeting place for officials who were to be presented at the court. During the Qing Dynasty (1683-1840), the eastern section became popularly known as Linqing Hutong among the local people. The western section was renamed Ximi Hutong. After 1911, the eastern section was renamed Huangchenggen, and the western section became known as Lingjing Hutong. However, the whole complex was united under the present name in 1949.

Actually, this old lane was built in 1471 as a Taoist temple known as Lingji Palace during the Ming Dynasty. Legend has it that the Generals Xu Zhizheng and Xu Zhi'e were endowed with magical powers that they devoted the aid of others. When Emperor Zhu Di went north on an expedition to the armies of the Yuan Dynasty (1272 – 1368), he called upon the two brothers for their assistance. After ascending to the throne and moving the capital to Beijing, Emperor Zhu Di dreamed that the two immortals sent him a life-saving miracle cure when he was sick. Miraculously, he had fully recovered upon waking up. He was so happy that he ordered the building of Lingji Palace alongside the imperial for the worship of the two immortals, and conferred Taoist titles upon them. Thereafter, every Spring Festival, winter solstice and birthdays, the emperor's court would send officials to Lingji Palace to pray and give thanks to the two immortals.

Nowadays, great changes have taken place here. Rows of residential buildings have risen on either side and the original narrow lane has become a wide road forming part of several bus routes. It is now about 32.18 meters (1,267 inches) at its widest point, actually a street.

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How to get to Lingjing Hutong

By bus:
1. Take bus 22, 38, 88, 102, 105, or 109 to Ganshiqiao Station, and then walk south for 2 minuites to the hutong.
2. Take bus 68 and get off at Lingjing Hutong Station.
3. Take bus 38, 46, or 68 to Picai Alley Dongkou, and then go to opposite side of the crossing. 

By subway: 
Subway Line 4 at Lingjing Hutong Station, leave the subway station from Exit C and walk southwards a little to find the entrance.
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