Shishi, Fujian

Shishi Facts

Chinese Name: 石狮 (shí shī)
Population: 691,000
Area: 157.15 square kilometers (60.7 square miles)
Location: on the southeast coast of Fujian Province, southeast China
Area Code: 0595
Zip Code: 362700
GDP (2018): CNY 83.6 billion (USD 12.6 billion)  

Famous City of Casual Wear & Fabrics

Shishi China is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Fujian Province and is managed by Quanzhou. It is located on the southeast coast of Fujian Province, famous for clothing and it is one of the top ten demonstration clusters of the national garment industry. Now, Shishi has become an important part of the global garment processing trade industry chain, one of China's five major apparel multinational procurement bases. Shishi Fujian was awarded the honorary title of National Civilized City and Top 100 Counties of China.

Top Things to Do in Shishi

You may need 2-3 days for Shishi travelling. Here gives you the 5 best things to do in Shishi including go shopping, visiting Gusao Tower, Golden Cost Resort, Yongning Ancient Town and Chaotian Temple. 
 Go Shopping
You can go to Shishi Clothing City, Shishi International Plaza, Yangguang Department Store and other places to buy clothes.
 Visit Gusao Tower
Located in Baogai Mountain, Shishi China, the Gusao Tower is also known as the Wan Shou Tower. It was built in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 – 1279) and with a history of more than 800 years. Standing on the top of the tower, travelers can have a panoramic view of the city. The scenery of the sea, the sky, the mountainous landscape, lush green forest constitute a natural oil painting.
 Go to the Golden Coast Resort
The scenery here is beautiful, the seasons are like spring, and it has become a coastal tourist resort with travelling, eating, living, purchasing and entertainment. You can go to the sea world to watch dolphin and underwater performance. You can also go to the food stalls on the beach, while eating, you can enjoy the sea scenes in the evening.
 Explore Yongning Ancient Town
Yongning Ancient Town is an ancient acropolis with a history of more than 600 years. At the moment of entering the town, you will be deeply attracted by the ancient stone road and the exquisite stone house. The quaint alleys, the unsophisticated folkways and the strong cultural atmosphere will leave you an unforgettable memory.
 Visit Chaotian Temple
Built in 1980, Chaotian Temple is the largest temple in Shishi China. With the main buildings including Tianwang Hall, Yuantong Hall, Yuhuang Hall, Xiangong Pavilion and so on, the temple is very magnificent.

Best Time to Visit Shishi

The best time to visit Shishi is from September to November. The climate in Shishi City belongs to the subtropical maritime monsoon climate with abundant sunshine, abundant light and heat resources and abundant rain.
The summer from June to August is not very hot and the winter from December to February is not so cold. July and August are hottest with an average temperature of 28 °C (82.4 ℉), and January and February are coldest around 12 °C (53.6 ℉). The annual average temperature is 20 ° C ~ 21 ° C (68 ℉ ~ 69.8 ℉) . After September, the weather in Shishi is fine, and the fine weather will continue until November, which is the golden time of travel.

Shishi Weather Forecast



Shishi China is about 200 kilometers (124 miles)  from the capital city of Fujian Province, Fuzhou City, and 13 kilometers (8.1 miles) from Quanzhou Jinjiang. So travelers can take a flight to Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport first and then take the airport bus line to Shishi, and the ticket fare is CNY 5. Frequent buses from Quanzhou Passenger Transport Center Station and Jinjiang Bus Station are available too, and the ticket fare is CNY 11. There is no train station in Shishi, so travelers can transfer in Jinjiang or Quanzhou.
Within the city area, no metro is available now, but buses and taxis are very convenient. The taxi charges CNY 6 for the first 2 km and CNY 1.6/km for subsequent distance.

Best Shishi Food to Try

Shishi China is famous for its local snacks including Salty Rice Pudding, Peanut Crisp Candy, Red Crab, Sweet Barley, Anhai Trotters and Sour Radish.
 Sweet Barley: it is shaped like a full moon with a soft and creamy taste and sweet smell. It is made from high quality glutinous rice, white sugar, kumquat, spices and so on.
 Anhai Trotters: Peel off the bones of the pig's trotters, fill in the pork, and mix sugar, sorghum, salt, spices and other ingredients in it, then wrap it with gauze and cook it slowly. It tastes mellow and non-greasy.
 Sour Radish: the crispy radishes taste sweet and sour. Its main ingredients are radish, white vinegar, sugar. Slice the radish, and add the right amount of salt and sugar then marinate them for some days.
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