Nanjing, Fujian

Nanjing Facts

Chinese Name: 南靖 (Nán jìng)
Population: 362,000
Area: 1,962 square kilometers (757.5 square miles)
Location: on the northwest of Zhangzhou City, south of Fujian Province, southeast China
Area Code: 0596
Zip Code: 363600

County of Tulou

Nanjing Fujian was originally called Lanshui County, which is located in the northwest of Zhangzhou City. Nanjing boasts the Tulou, also known as Earthen Buildings of Hakkas, which is a kind of traditional fort-like residences. These buildings are dispersed across the whole Nanjing County with a unique style, and praised as the “Fabulous Mountain Architecture”. Nanjing is also one of the hometowns of overseas Chinese and Taiwan compatriots.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Nanjing

Scenery in Nanjing China is beautiful, you may need 3-4 days for Nanjing travelling. The top places to visit in Nanjing are undoubted various fabulous earth buildings, Yun Shui Yao Ancient Town, Taxia Village and the tropical rain forest reserve. If you have enough time, you can watch the fireflies at night.

Nanjing Tulou

It was born in the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) and has been used to this day. The round and squared shaped Tulous were built according to the surrounding terrain with a reasonable layout. Also, Tulou skillfully utilizes the narrow flats in the mountains to satisfy to the living and defense requirements.

Nanjing Tulou
Nanjing Tulou
Tianluokeng Tulou Group
Tianluokeng Tulou Group

 Tianluokeng Tulou Group: It mainly consists of the square Buyun Earth Building and the circular Zhenchang Earth Building, Ruiyun Earth Building, Hechang Earth Building and the oval Wenchang Earth Building, all of which are well preserved. This Tulou Group is like a plum blossom when overlooking it. It is so amazing that the local people call it “four dishes and one soup”.

 Yun Shui Yao Ancient Town: it is an ancient village with a long history containing 53 well-preserved earth buildings. Among them, the highlights are the strangest Hegui Tulou built on the wetland and Huaiyuan Tulou, the most exquisite double-ring earth building in Nanjing. Besides that, the ancient paths in the town are worth a visit.
 Hekeng Tulou Group: The Hekeng Tulou Group consists of 6 square earth buildings, 6 round earth buildings and a pentagonal Nanxun Earth Building. Among them, Yuchang Earth Building is most famous, featuring pillars in different stories lean to different directions.

Nanjing Paradise Tropical Rain Forest Reserve

Praised as “Small Xishuangbanna”, it is the largest subtropical rainforest in Fujian Province with the largest variety of plants, featuring rainforest, cliffs, sea of clouds and flocks of butterflies.

Taxia Village

With a long history, the earth buildings here were built along the river and evenly distributed on both sides. The most unique is the stilted buildings in a single-courtyard brick structure, which forms a wonderful layout.

Best Time to Visit Nanjing

The best time to visit Nanjing is late August and September. The climate in Nanjing belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is 21.5°C (70.7℉). The rainfall in January, November and December was abnormally high. And the rainfall was abnormally low in September.
Actually, without hot summer and cold winter, Nanjing can be visited all year around. If you want to watch fireflies, the best visit time is from June to mid-July.

Nanjing Weather Forecast



Nanjing Fujian, is 103 km (64 mi) from Xiamen and 328 km ( 203.8 mi) from the capital city of Fujian Province, Fuzhou. So travelers can take a flight to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, and then take high speed trains from Xiamen Railway Station to Nanjing. Also, many high speed trains from Longyan, Fuzhou to Nanjing are in service now. There are also direct buses from Xiamen Fanghu Bus Station to Nanjing, taking about 2 hours.
Many direct buses from Xiamen Jinbao Hotel at 06:55, 07:00, 07:10 and Xiamen Railway Station at 07:25 to the main earth buildings, taking about 4 hours. You can also choose to take buses at Xiamen Hubin South Bus Station to Yun Shui Yao at 08:00 and Tianluokeng at 08:30, taking about 3.5 hours.
In the city, there is no metro, travelers can take buses and taxis. The taxis charge CNY7 for the first 2 km, and CNY 1.8/km for subsequent distance. Because the earth buildings are scattered in the mountains, hiring a car is more convenient. The price of a 5-seat car is about CNY400-600/ day, including fuel costs and tolls.

Best Nanjing Food to Try

Besides the local snacks like Duck Noodle, Chinese Wolfberry Soup and Steamed Salt Chicken. There are abundant fruit resources in Nanjing because of advantageous geographical position. Among them, bananas, longans, oranges and pokans are the most famous.
Nanjing Ponkan: it is famous for its crystal fruit flesh, more juice and sweet aroma. It has the effect of promoting the secretion of body fluid, reliving hangover and diuresis.

 Hand Grab Noodles: boiling the butter noodles and form them a thin cake by hand, then coat it with sweet sauce, peanut butter, chili sauce, garlic sauce or mustard sauce.
 Jinshan Noodles: as handmade food, the noodles are delicate and springy, as thick as finger and as long as a rope. With delicious soup, it is very memorable.
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