Guilin Rice Noodles

Guilin Rice Noodles, Mifen in Chinese, is a famous traditional local snack with a long history dating back to Qin Dynasty about 2,200 years ago. It is made from rice and comes into two main shapes: round strips and flat strips. They look white, and taste soft, tender and smooth. There are various types of Guilin rice noodles, but all using broth, which is generally boiled of pork, ox bones, Monk Fruit, and various seasonings. The Guilin rice noodles restaurants have different recipes to make their broth unique and delicious to attract diners. The flavor of rice noodles varies also because of the different side ingredients like soya beans, preserved meat, fried peanuts, and pickled cowpea.

Best Types of Guilin Rice Noodles:


Broth Noodles 原汤粉:

The soup in Broth Noodles is the soup used to boil the rice noodles, hence with the strong aroma of rice. The most common ingredients for Broth Noodles are pork and pig offal. Put boiled rice noodles in a bowl, pour some soup and top with the marinated meat slices, chopped scallions, fried soybean, pepper, and sesame oil. This kind of rice noodles is especially suitable for people who like light taste.

Broth Noodles
Broth Noodles
Gravy Dry Noodles
Gravy Dry Noodles

Gravy Dry Noodles 卤菜粉:

Heat the rice noodles in boiling water and put the noodles in a bowl. Add crisp fried pork belly, marinated beef slice, sausage, barbecued pork, a little gravy, peanut oil and crisp soya bean. You can also add minced garlic, scallion and chili sauce according to your taste, and stir them well. Eating this kind of rice noodles makes a whir, which is fun and appetizing. You can eat the rice noodles first, then add some broth, cilantro and scallions, and drink the rest soup.

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles 酸辣粉:

This is a kind of noodles without any meat, only adding vinegar, sour bean and pepper. It’s quite refreshing and affordable. It is especially popular among women and children in summer.

Horse Meat Rice Noodles
Horse Meat Rice Noodles

Horse Meat Rice Noodles 马肉米粉:

It is the most famous and popular of all Guilin rice noodles. It uses special braised horse meat as an ingredient, which is fresh, tender and fragrant. In the past, people used small bowls to hold rice noodles with a few thin slices of horse meat and some fried peanuts. People ate a bowl with one mouthful, and usually twenty or thirty bowls would satisfy one person. Nowadays, large bowls have been used to serve Horse Meat Rice Noodles.

Price of Guilin Rice Noodles:

The vegetarian rice noodles: CNY 3 for a bowl with 1 Liang (50g) of rice noodles, CNY 3.5 with 2 Liang (100g), and CNY 4 with 3 Liang (150g).

The rice noodles with meat: CNY 4.5 for a bowl with 1 Liang (50g), CNY 5 with 2 Liang (100g), and CNY 5.5 with 3 Liang (150g).

Seasoned egg: CNY1.5 per one

The above prices are for reference only, and in different restaurants, the price will be slightly different.

Best Restaurants to Eat Guilin Rice Noodles:


Youyi Xuan又益轩:

Started in 1896, Youyi Xuan is the most famous Horse Meat Rice Noodles restaurant in Guilin. The soup is boiled with horse bones and other materials, which adds more flavor to the Horse Meat Rice Noodles. The long history and traditional flavor in this restaurant will surely satisfy you. The exquisite decoration and clean environment bring you a very pleasant mood to taste this delicious food. Flank Beef Rice Noodle and Gravy Dry Noodles are also the specialties in this restaurant.

Average cost: CNY 13 / person
Location: No.18, Jie Fang West Road, Guilin

Chongshan Rice Noodles 崇善米粉:

Gravy Dry Noodles is the most popular one in this restaurant. You can choose dry rice noodles or rice noodles with unique broth and the side dishes including soy beans, sauce, chopped garlic, marinated eggs, and so on.

Average cost: CNY 14 / person
No.5, Pedestrian Street, Yi Ren Road, Guilin;
No.24-25, the southeast side of Lijiang East Road, Qi Xing District;
No.27, First floor of Cultural Palace, Xiu Feng District;
No.6, First floor of Yixing Building, Lin Gui Road, Xiang Shang District.

Stir-fried Rice Nooldes
Stir-fried Rice Nooldes
Flat Guilin Rice Noodles
Flat Guilin Rice Noodles

Laojiangdong Rice Noodles 老江东米粉:

Close to the city center and adjacent to Qi Xing Park, the restaurant is very welcomed by Guilin people with its smooth rice noodles and exclusive brine. The rice noodles with beef is quite delicious in this restaurant.

Average cost: CNY 12 / person
Location: No.6, Shi Jia Yuan Road, Qi Xing District, Guilin.

Shiji Rice Noodles 石记米粉:

This is an old brand which is very popular with tourists. Shiji Rice Noodles is characterized by its affordable price and good taste. After the rice noodles is served, customers can add side dishes and soup by themselves. The spiced beef tastes good and the brine is quite umami. The decoration of this restaurant is not so delicate, but you can really experience the life of local Guilin people.

Average cost: CNY 9 / person
Location: No.19, Xi Cheng Road, Xiang Shan District, Guilin

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