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Luoyang has no subway service now. The metro line 1 and line 2 will start construction soon, and both lines are expected to operate by the end of 2019. After completion, Luoyang will become the second city with subway system in Henan Province following Zhengzhou, and it will be first try of the rail transit system in a non-capital city in Midwest China. It is planned that subway line 1 will run between Gushuixi and Wenhuajie and 19 stations will be set up along the way. Luoyang metro line 2, planning 19 stations, will connect Zhaipingcun and Longmen Dadao.

Based on the long-term plan, 4 subway lines will be built here in the future. It is learned that the total length of the 4 planned metro lines will be up to 65 miles (105 kilometers); altogether 68 stations will be established, 8 of which will serve as transfer stations. 

Planned Lines and Stations of Luoyang Subway

 Line 1: Gushuixi – Wenhuajie
Brief intro: According to the plan, line 1 will almost coincide with the east-west diameter line of the city, covering all parts of the east and west regions to the north of Luohe River. Line 1 will mainly serve Jianxi, Xigong, Laoyu, and Chanhe Hui Nationality Districts after completion.
Full Length: 14 miles (23 kilometers)
Open Date: 2019
Station Number: 19
Route/Stations: Gushuixi – Qinlinglu – Jinghualu – Chang’anlu – Qingdaolu – Mudan Square – Qilihe – Wangcheng Dadao – Jiefanglu – Dongzhou Wangcheng Square (Museum of Eastern Zhou Royal Horse and Chariot Pits) – Dingdinglu – Jinyelu - Qingniangong Square – Shuangmingjie – Qimingnanlu – Taxicun – Shijiawancun – Kanglejie – Wenhuajie

 Line 2: Zhaipingcun – Longmen Dadao
Brief intro: In order to link Luobei District with local New District, metro line 2 in the shape of "Z" will be constructed. This line will connect Luoyang Railway Station and Longmen Railway Station. After being put into service, you can easily travel between the two stations.
Full Length: 21 miles (34 kilometers)
Open Time: 2019
Station Number: 19
Route/Stations: Zhaipingcun – Hengshancun – Xiagoucun - Huashanbeilu - Jingsanlu – Wangcheng Dadao – Jichanglu – Railway Station – Jiankang Zhonglu – Jiefanglu – Jiuduxilu – Luoyang Museum – Suitangcheng (Ruins of Sui and Tang Dynasty) – Tiyu Zhongxin – Kaiyuan Dadao – Mudan Dadao – Guanlin Dadao - Longmen Railway Station – Longmen Dadao

 Line 3: Beijiao Airport – Gulonglu
Brief intro: Running through the main axis of the Old Manufacturing District and New District, subway line 3, which is designed in the shape of "L", covers Jianxi District, Gaoxin District (high-tech zone), and the east-west region in New District.
Full Length: 19 miles (31 kilometers)
Open Time: 2021
Station Number: 18
Main Stations: Luoyang Airport, Huashan Beilu, Zhongzhou Xilu, Taiyuanlu, Mudan Square, Nanchanglu, Heluolu, Yingzhou Bridge, Kaiyuan Dadao, Yibin Dadao, Gulonglu

 Line 4: Longquandonggou – Longmen Grottoes
Brief intro: Coinciding with the north-south diameter line, metro line 4 will go through the Old District and Luolong District. It will efficiently connect the northern and southern parts of the city.
Full Length: 10. 5 miles (17 kilometers)
Open Time: 2021
Station Number: 12
Main Stations: Longquan Donggou, Luomeng Gonglu, East Railway Station, Huancheng Beilu, Huancheng Xilu, Jinyelu, Luoyang Bridge, Longmen Dadao, Longmen Grottoes

Transfer Stations in the Future

("" points out the subway lines with transfer stations)
Station Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4
Mudan Square --- ---
Jiefanglu --- ---
Jinyelu  --- ---
Huashan Beilu --- ---
Kaiyuan Dadao --- ---
Longmen Dadao --- ---
- Last updated on Nov. 28, 2019 -
Questions & Answers on Luoyang Subway
Asked by S Stanley from SINGAPORE | Nov. 27, 2019 09:44Reply
Hi, is the Luoyang subway Line 1 and Line2 in operation now?
If not, when is the opening date?

S Song
Answers (1)
Answered by Gabby from CANADA | Nov. 28, 2019 19:58

No, they are still in construction. Line 1 could start to operate in June, 2020, while line 2 is in 2022.
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