Hong Kong Airport Express Travel Pass

Hong Kong Airport Express Travel Pass is an Octopus Card with either one or two Airport Express single journey(s) plus 3 consecutive days of unlimited travel on MTR (except East Rail Line First Class, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations), Light Rail and MTR Bus (Northwest New Territories). The price is HK$250 and HK$350 respectively with HK$50 refundable deposit. It is only applicable for foreign tourists who have been in Hong Kong for less than 14 days.

Types of Hong Kong Airport Express Travel Pass

1-ride Airport Express Travel Pass 2- ride Airport Express Travel Pass
Ticket Fare HK$250 HK$350
Allowed Airport Express Journeys 1 2
What's Others Included 3 consecutive days of unlimited ride on the MTR, Light Rail and Metro Bus in Northwest New Territories; 
except East Rail Line First Class, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations
Where to Buy All Customer Service Centers of the Airport Express stations and all MTR stations, except Racecourse Station and Light Rail Customer Service Centers;
On the official website of Hong Kong MTR
Validity 180 days from the date of issue


Useful Tips of the Airport Express 3-day Pass

1. The Airport Express Travel Pass cannot be used from Airport Station to Asia World-Expo Station and vice versa. Passengers need to pay ordinary fare for going between these two stations.
2. Malfunctioned ticket can be processed at any Customer Service Center (except Asia World-Expo Center).
3. Since the tickets are only valid for tourists, a valid passport or a valid proof of non-Hong Kong resident status must be presented when purchasing the ticket.
4. If the Airport Express Travel Pass has been damaged or tempered with, money will be deducted from the deposit (damages including physical alteration to the card through delamination, bending, cutting, breaking, graffiti or attachment of stickers or photos).


Where to Reload the Hong Kong Airport Express Tourist Pass

Ticket value can be topped up, for traveling on other major means of transport, at vending machines or shops displaying the Octopus Card logo. Travel Pass can be reloaded at the same places as reloading Octopus Card.

Where to Get Your Deposit

There is a HK$50 refundable deposit on the ticket. Passengers can either keep the ticket as a souvenir before leaving Hong Kong, or return it to any Airport Express Customer Service Centre for a refund of the deposit and any balance value* stored on the ticket. Should the balance on the ticket exceeds HK$500, however, it will be sent to the MTR headquarter for processing. Customers may be required to bear the delivery cost. The other conditions on refund for the Airport Express Pass is the same as the Octopus Card.
Balance Value refers to the value added to the Travel Pass for using on other places. If you hadn't added any value to it, only the HK$50 deposit will be refunded.

Airport Express Travel Pass vs Octopus Card

1. Top up: Octopus Card has first deposit of value, but the Hong Kong airport express 3 day pass do not have, so if you want to use the card at the designated shops, you need to top up the card.
2. Refund: You need to pay HKD11 as service charge for refunding Octopus Card in three months from the card purchase, but after three months, no service charge. Airport Tourist Pass do not need to pay any charge when refunded.
3. Usable range: Octopus Card can be used in all the metro lines and all the shops with the logo, while the Airport Travel Pass cannot be used in the East Rail Line First Class, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations. And the Octopus Card can be also used in some places in Macau and Shenzhen, such as Galaxy Resort, Broadway and KFC in Macau and Firewood Restaurant, Café De Coral Restaurant and Duty Free Group in Shenzhen. However, Airport Travel Pass are not available.
4. As for taking the Airport Express, Octopus Card will provide a free return ticket on the same day you take the line.

- Last updated on Apr. 24, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on Hong Kong Airport Express Travel Pass
Asked by Hong from USA | Feb. 24, 2023 17:00Reply
Hong Kong Airport Express Travel Pass
I'm planning to visit HongKong in April, and would like to purchase this pass. However, I couldn't find it on the website.
Answers (2)
Answered by Fiona | Feb. 26, 2023 23:55

You can buy it upon landing at the airport express station.
Answered by Ian | Apr. 22, 2023 15:45

The Airport Express Travel Pass has been discontinued and is no longer available
Asked by Steen from DENMARK | Jan. 10, 2020 06:24Reply
Is this card good for the train from Luohu (Shenzhen) to a station near Central too?
Answers (1)
Answered by Justin from NEW ZEALAND | Jan. 12, 2020 21:37

This card is only available in Hong Kong.
Asked by Pablo Quintero from US | Oct. 29, 2019 13:10Reply
Are the MTR buses in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon included with the Airport Express Travel Pass?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gloria from CANADA | Oct. 31, 2019 19:34

No, you can only take airport express by using airport express travel pass.
Asked by bb from PHILIPPINES | Aug. 01, 2019 02:15Reply
can travel pass be used first for free MTR rides for 3 days b4 using the express train to HKIA?
My group will be coming from Guilin to HK using high speed train and will be staying in HK for 3 days. Can I purchase airport express travel pass one way in advance? and start using it on day 1 to day 3 by riding for free in mtr, then on the last day, from Kowloon, in-town check-in our luggage and ride in airport express train to airport?
Answers (2)
Answered by Shelly from USA | Aug. 05, 2019 18:20

1. Travel Pass with one airport express single journey is available at all Customer Service Centres of the Airport Express stations and all MTR stations (except Racecourse Station).
2. Yes, you can.
Answered by Bb from PHILIPPINES | Aug. 06, 2019 03:02

Thank you, Shelly.
Asked by Young from USA | Jun. 23, 2019 16:47Reply
Can i use the pass for round trip from/to Hong Kong airport then 3 days 3 weeks later?
I will stop over at HK and like to take trip to downtown and return to airport 5 hrs later. Then i will fly back and stay there for 6 days. can i buy pass, use round trip on stop over and 3 days (and reload) on the later return?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alice from CANADA | Jun. 23, 2019 23:28

I'm afraid you cannot. However, it is suggested for you to buy it on the later return.
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