Erenhot Saiwusu International Airport

Built in May 2008, Erenhot Airport has a runway of 2,400 meters (2625 yards) and a terminal of 5,000 square meters. Equipped under 4C standard, it can achieve not only the takeoff and landing of Boeing 737-800, Airbus 320, A310 and other passenger aircraft, but also the annual throughput of 149,000 passengers as well as the capacity of 200 passengers per hour in peak periods.

Erenhot Airport Code: ERL


It is located near Saiwusu Town, Erenhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, about 27 kilometers (17 miles) southeast of Erenhot City and 32 kilometers (20 miles) from the Mongolian border.

Airlines Companies

Erenhot Airport cooperates with Capital Airlines (JD) and China Express Airlines (G5).

Erenhot Airport Flights Schedule

Erenhot Airport has opened flights to/from Beijing, Ulanqab and Hohhot. The following are the detailed flights information.
To/From Frequency (weekly) Travel Time
Beijing 1 on each Wed. Fri. Sat. 1H30M
Hothot 1 on each Mon. Wed. Fri.
2 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat. Sun
Ulanqab Daily 50M

How to Travel between Erenhot Airport and Downtown

 1: The airport shuttle bus to the downtown is free for airplane passengers and CNY 20 for non-airplane passengers. There are several buses each day, which depart according to the flights schedule.

 2: Taking a taxi to the downtown will cost about CNY 50.

Famous Attractions in Erenhot City

 1: Cretaceous Dinosaur Geopark
The scenic spot is the Tungur Dinosaur Graveyard Ruins, which is originally a desolate area and now is known for numerous dinosaur fossils. It is about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from downtown Erenhot and no direct public transport is available to the attraction, so visitors can charter buses in Erenhot City. Visitors can watch dinosaur fossils and mammal fossils of various periods in the park. There are also many emulational dinosaur models in the open air. The corresponding text introductions and surface rock strata sections are provided in each dinosaur display area. Besides, it restores the life scenes of ancient dinosaurs, and vividly shows the dinosaur excavation process. With a great significance of scenic popularization, it is especially suitable for children to visit and learn.

 2: The Gateway of Erenhot Scenic Spot
Located in the military area in the north of Erenhot city, the scenic spot covers an area of about 1.3 million square meters. The Gateway of Erenhot, honored as "the Northern Gate of China", stands on the border between China and Mongolia. The lintel is inlaid with the Chinese characters of "People's Republic of China". With the gate and boundary monument as the core, the border culture and patriotism education as the theme, and the historical changes of Erenhot city as the main line, this attraction builds itself into a comprehensive scenic spot with unique China’s border culture characteristics, and integrates tourism, military experience and patriotism education.

 3: Erenhot Dinosaur Museum
This museum is the earliest place of origin of dinosaur fossils recorded in the international history of paleontology in Inner Mongolia. As early as 70 million years ago, the area was a paradise for dinosaurs to live and multiply as its suitable environment which includes lakes and marshes, hot and humid climate and dense forests. Over the past 100 years, paleontologists and geologists successively from Russia, the United States, Canada and China has made six large-scale investigation and excavation, discovering that more than 10 kinds of fossils such as platypodocus, hadrosaur, ankylosaurus and ceratosaurus fossils. Numerous and various relatively complete dinosaur bones fossils are unearthed, including the earliest discovered dinosaur egg fossil in China.

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