Xilingol Grassland

Xilingol Grassland in eastern Inner Mongolia is one of the biggest and most beautiful grasslands in China. It is a great place to enjoy vast and endless green land, rush about on horseback, taste Mogolian style food, and experience the life of a herdsman. 
Xilingol Grassland
Green Xilingol Grassland
Rush about on Horsebacks
Horse Race in Xilingol Grassland

Top Things to Do in Xilingol Grassland

Appreciate the Vast and Endless Green Land 

When you go to Xilinguole Grassland, you will be enchanted by the charming scenery. This vast green land, white yurts and colorful flowers dotted on, groups of sheep and horses running around freely, and friendly herdsman in colorful traditional costumes are like a scroll painting open up in front of you.    

Rush about on Horseback

There are many horses in Xilingol Grassland, thanks to the  abundant lush foliage. Riding a horse towards the sunset and galloping with herds of horses in the broad Xilinguol Grassland is a great way to relax. 

Live One Night in a Mongolian Yurt

A Mongolian Yurt is the typical housing for Mongolian herders. It has a flattened cylindrical body and an umbrella-type roof. It is easy to set up and disassemble, with a wooden framework supporting the house and two or three layers of wool felt for insulation. It is easy for herders to move it from one place to another. Staying one night in a yurt, you can experience a totally different lifestyle.

Eat Roast Whole Lamb 

Roast Whole Lamb is the representative Mongolian-style food, and a must for visitors to Xilin Gol Grassland. It is crispy outside and tender inside. Enjoying it with kumiss is the most popular way. Mongolian fried rice, Instant-boiled Mutton, and Mongolian cheese are also delicious local foods that should not be missed. 
Yurts in Xilingol Grassland
Mongolian Yurts
Mongolian-style food
Roast Lamb

Dress Up in a Mongolian Costume for a Photograph

A Mongolian Costume is also called a Mongolian Robe. The types of Mongolian costumes are a little different in different areas. But as a general rule, the costume is wide, and the sleeves are long.   The color varies, usually including red, yellow, and dark blue. The belt is always red or green, and made of silk and satin. When going to Xilin Gol Grassland, do not forget to wear one of their costumes and take a beautiful photo as a memento.

Take Part in the Featured Activities

Archery, horse raceing, ovoo worshiping, bonfire parties, wrestling, dancing and singing are popular activities in Xilin Gol Grassland. Activities in Xilinguole Grassland are abundant and exciting. 

Best Time to Visit Xilin Gol Grassland

A good time to visit Xilinguole Grassland is from May to September when the land is covered with a “green blanket” and the best time should be around August when the Naadam Fair is held. At that time, visitors can take part in various activities in addition to enjoying beautiful scenery. 

How to get to Xilin Gol Grassland

First, get to Xilinhot by train or plane. There are direct trains from Hohhot; and flights from Beijing, Hohhot and Tianjin. Upon arrival, visitors are advised to rent a car to get to Xilin Gol Grassland because the local public transport is not very convenient. Car rental costs about CNY 600-1,000 per day, depending on the type of car.

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- Last updated on Feb. 20, 2023 -
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