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Dalian Metro Line 12


Hekou - Lushun New Port

 (Identification Color: deep purple         )

Dalian metro line 12, the former extension line of the tram line 202, operates between Hekou and Lushun New Port covering a distance of about 38 kilometers (24 miles) and containing totally 8 stations. The whole single journey takes around 54 minutes. Besides, the ticket price ranges from CNY 2 to CNY 8 according to the metered fare. Passengers can enjoy 20% off by using local Mingzhu Transportation Card. Dalian subway line 12 brings lots of convenience for people who want to take a ferry from Lushun New Port. By subway line 12, people can shuttle between Dalian and Lushun within an hour.
See metro maps for reference.


Station To Hekou To Lushun New Port
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Hekou -- -- 06:20 21:00
Caidaling 07:11 21:51 06:23 21:03
Huangnichuan 07:04 21:44 06:28 21:08
Longwangtang 06:56 21:36 06:35 21:15
Tahewan 06:47 21:27 06:45 21:25
Lushun 06:36 21:16 06:57 21:37
Tieshan 06:24 21:04 07:09 21:49
Lushun New Port 06:20 21:00 -- --
 Note: The frequency of Dalian metro line 12 is around 20 minutes currently.

Transfer along Metro Line 12

 Hekou: Transfer with Line 1

Surroundings and Bus Routes near the Operating Stations:

('' Dalian Subway Transfer Stations)

Surroundings: Huangpu Road, Qixian Road, Xiaopingdao Road, Dalian Software Park, Shanhaiyijia Community, Gugeli Community, Ruifengyuan Community, Zhongshan Hospital, Qixianling National Forest Park, Home Inn
Bus Routes: 3, 28, 202, 531, 802, 2002

Surroundings: South Lushun Road, Yida Information Industrial Park, Provence Community, Dalian Innovation Park, Pochegou Primary School
Bus Routes: 802, 1115, 1121, 2002

Surroundings: Yachuan Road, Hongchuan Road, Huichuan Street, Huangnichuan Village, Jinchuanjiayuan Community, Dalian Tiandi Greenville
Bus Routes: 1115, 1119, 1121, 2002

Surroundings: Siqin Road, Shungang Road, Siqing Street, Longwangtang Bridge, Moon Star Bay Community, Xilongshanzhuang Community, Longwangtang Community, Jade Dragon Bay Community, Baihetang Drugstore, Longtang Drugstore, Futai Hotel
Bus Routes: 1120, 1121, 2002

Surroundings: Xincheng Street, Tahewan Bridge, Longhu Wetland Park, Tahewan Bathing Beach, Dalian Lion and Tiger Park, Blue Beach Community, Baoyudu Village Primary School, Dalian Foreign Language School (Lushun Campus), Dalian Medical University, Huigu Sunshine Hotel
Bus Routes: 2002, Lushunkou Bus Line 203 & 206

Surroundings: Shengshui Street, Yingshun Road, Guoshui Road Flyover, Lushunkou District Government, Lushunkou District Hospital, Wennan Primary School, No.62 Middle School, Qicai Nanshan Scenic Area
Bus Routes: Lushun Bus Line 7 & 9 &12 & 20 & 28 & 32 & 81 & 82, Lushunkou Bus Line 203

Surroundings: Shunda Road, Zhongmu Road, Xingfa Road, Shunbei Street, No.57 Middle School, Tieshan Central School, Yangguang School, Dalian Jiaotong University (Lushunkou Campus), Dalian Shipping Vocational and Technical College, Tieshan Hospital, Zhongxin Jiayuan Community, Bodani Christ-Church, Yanming Store
Bus Routes: Lushun Bus Line 212, Lushunkou Bus Line 18 & 19 & 211 & 212

 Lushun New Port
Surroundings: Xinggang Road, Jinrong Street, Haitian Shanzhuang Community, New Harbor No.1 Community, Mingxishui’an Community, Haijinghuacheng Community, No. 58 Middle School, Liaoning University of International Business, Shida Shopping Plaza, Kang’an Drugstore, Baorentang Drugstore, Guangji Drugstore, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Industrial & Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: Lushun Bus Line 212, Lushunkou Bus Line 18 & 212
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