How to Travel between Beijing and Dalian

Dalian is at the southern end of Liaodong Peninsula in northeast China, so to travel between Beijing and Dalian by land, a detour will be made with a total distance of about 840km (520mi). Apparently, traveling by plane can save your time to the full extent, taking 1.5h and CNY400-900 for a economy class seat. High-speed trains need 4-5h and at least CNY396. In addition, two normal speed trains run between Beijing and Dalian, take over 11 hours and CNYCNY239-244.5 for Hard Sleeper. 
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How to Travel from Beijing to Dalian

1. Fastest Way - Beijing to Dalian Flight: 1.5h, CNY400-900 for Economy Class

From 8:00 to 23:00, over ten daily flights from Beijing to Dalian are in service, departing from Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) or Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) to Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport (DLC). The flying distance is about 288 miles.

2. High Speed Train: 4-5h, CNY396-437 for 2nd Class Seat

From Beijing Chaoyang Railway Station or Beijing Railway Station to Dalian North Railway Station, there are nine high-speed trains operating, taking 4-5 hours. 

Train Dep. Arr. Duration
G3503 8:00 12:23 4h23min
G3507 8:47 12:38 3h51min
G3511 9:29 14:23 4h54min
G3515 11:12 15:53 4h41min
G3519 12:20 16:10 3h50min
G3523 13:05 17:32 4h27min
G3527 16:30 21:18 4h48min
G995 17:15 21:23 4h08min
G3531 18:14 22:43 4h29min

Ticket Fare:
Business Class Seat: CNY1,277-1,415; First Class Seat: CNY632-698; Second Class Seat: CNY396-437

See more about: Beijing-Dalian Train

3. Normal Speed Train: 11.5-14.5h, CNY239-244.5 for Hard Sleeper

2 normal speed trains departs at 4:45 and 20:08 from Beijing Railway Station to Dalian Railway Station every day with a duration of 11.5 or 14.5 hours.

Ticket Fare:
Soft Sleeper: CNY374-381.5; Hard Sleeper: CNY239-244.5; Hard Seat: CNY141.5

4. Long-distance Bus: 11h, CNY282

Only one long-distance bus departs from Beijing Sihui Coach Station to Dalian at 15:00 every day. The ticket may be hard to buy, thus passengers need to buy it as early as possible.


How to Travel from Dalian to Beijing

1. Dalian to Beijing Flight: 1.5h, CNY400-900 for Economy Class

Over 20 direct flights scheduled from 7:30 to 22:25 depart from Daliang Zhoushuizi International Airport to Beijing Capital Airport or Daxing Airport. 

2. High Speed Train: 4-5h, CNY399-444 for 2nd Class Seat

Nine Dalian to Beijing high-speed trains scheduled from 8:00 to 17:52 are in service. They depart from Dalian North Railway Station to Beijing Chaoyang Railway Station or Beijing Railway Station. The shortest duration is 3h52min.

Train Dep. Arr. Duration
G3501 6:18 10:52 4h34min
G3505 8:00 11:52 3h52min
G3509 8:13 12:37 4h24min
G3513 10:22 15:40 5h18min
G993 12:46 16:54 4h8min
G3517 12:58 17:50 4h52min
G3521 15:14 19:48 4h34min
G3525 17:04 20:56 3h52min
G3529 17:52 22:31 4h39min

Ticket Fare:
Business Class Seat: CNY1,284-1,440; First Class Seat: CNY638-709; Second Class Seat: CNY399-444

3. Normal Speed Train: 13-15h, CNY239-244.5 for Hard Sleeper

Two normal-speed train, K55 and K683 running from Dalian Railway Station to Beijing Railway Station. The departure time is 11:43 or 19:58 and the arrival time is 2:25 or 8:50 of the next day. 

 Ticket Fare:
Soft Sleeper: CNY374-381.5; Hard Sleeper: CNY239-244.5; Hard Seat: CNY141.5

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