How to Travel between Lijiang and Shangri-La

It is about 115km (70mi) between Lijiang and Shangri-La. To travel between, tourists may either take long-distance bus or try carpooling. The former needs 4 hours and CNY60-85. In contrast, carpooling costs higher at CNY85-120 for each person according to different vehicle types. Nevertheless, tourists are able to enjoy the layover at popular attractions. 

By the way, Lijiang to Shangri-La railway will be put into operation by the end of 2023. By then, travelers will be able to travel between the two places in one hour by high speed train.

lijiang to shangrila

How to Travel from Lijiang to Shangri-La

1. Lijiang to Shangri-La Long-distance Bus: 4 hours, CNY60-75

Dep. Point Arr. Point Dep. Time Duration Ticket Price
Lijiang Bus Station Shangri-La Bus Station 07:30, 08:10, 08:50, 09:30, 10:00,
10:40, 11:00, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00,
13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 16:00,
17:10, 11:30, 15:30, 16:30
4h CNY60-75

2. Carpooling or Car Chartering: 4 to 7 hours including layover, CNY85-120 per capita

The advantage of carpooling is that the departure and arrival places, as well as the charge, are negotiable. What is more, you can ask for layovers at attractions such as the Tiger Leaping Gorge and the First Bend of the Yangtze River, to fully enjoy the landscape and take beautiful photos. 

If there are more than 3 people in your group, you may consider chartering a car, to avoid traveling with strangers. But the price per capital is slightly higher than carpooling.

Tip: Given that Shangri-La has less convenient public transportation and many attractions are far away from downtown, it is suggested to plan a carpooling or car chartering package tour from Lijiang for 3 to 5 days based on your sightseeing list, because the package tour is more cost-effective.

How to Travel from Shangri-La to Lijiang

1. Shangri-La to Lijiang Long-distance Bus: 4 hours, CNY60-85

Dep. Point Arr. Point Dep. Time Duration Ticket Price
Shangri-La Bus Station Lijiang Bus Station 08:00, 08:30, 09:00, 09:30,
10:00, 11:20, 12:10, 13:00,
14:00, 15:00, 16:00
4h CNY60-70
Dukezong Ancient Town Shuhe Ancient Town 13:00, 13:30, 14:00 4h CNY85

2. Carpooling or Car Chartering: 4 to 7 hours including layover, CNY85-120 per capita

How to Get from Shangri-La to Lijiang Old Town

1. Long-distance Bus + City Bus: at least 4.5 hours, CNY65-75

First, tourist may take a long-distance bus from Shangri-La Bus Station to Lijiang Bus Station in four hours. Then, one could transfer to the nearby city bus and get to Lijiang Old Town, which costs CNY1-3 and nearly 30min. 

→Take city bus No.12, No.21, No.105, No.14, No.7, No.2, No.3 or No.27 and get off at the South Gate Rd. stop.

→Take city bus No.8 (Outer Ring) or No.11 and get off at the Old Town Gate stop.

2. Carpooling or Car Chartering to Lijiang Old Town: at least 4 hours, CNY85 per capita

You may ask your hotel staff to help you with carpooling or car chartering.

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Questions & Answers on How to Travel between Lijiang and Shangri-La
Asked by paopao from THAILAND | Jul. 09, 2023 21:42Reply
Are there any high speed trains from Lijiang to Shangri-La?
Not sure at present 2023, any high speed trains from Lijiang to Shangri-La
Answers (1)
Answered by Leo | Jul. 09, 2023 23:27

No, there isn'y any yet. It is reported that the high speed trains will be in service by the end of 2023.
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