Jinan Metro Line 3

Longdong – Tantou

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Jinan Metro Line 3 has 13 stations, connecting Longdong and Tantou via East Railway Station and Olympic Sports Center. This rail transit line 3 stretches in the south-north direction for about 21.5 kilometers (13 miles), running through Lixia and Licheng Districts. An entire single trip takes around 30 minutes with the frequency of 7-8.5 minutes. The ticket fare ranges from CNY 2 to CNY 5 according to the metered fare. Jinan Subway Line 3 will intersect with line 2 in the future.

Timetable of Jinan Metro Line 3

Station First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
To Tantou To Longdong To Tantou To Longdong
Longdong 06:00 -- 21:30 --
Mengjiazhuang 06:02 06:30 21:32 22:00
Long’ao Mansion 06:05 06:27 21:35 21:57
Olympic Sports Center 06:07 06:25 21:37 21:55
Ligeng Road 06:10 06:22 21:40 21:52
Dingjiazhuang 06:12 06:20 21:42 21:50
East Huayuan Road 06:15 06:17 21:45 21:47
Bajianbao 06:17 06:15 21:47 21:45
Zhangmatun 06:21 06:11 21:51 21:41
Wangsheren 06:24 06:08 21:54 21:38
Peijiaying 06:27 06:05 21:57 21:35
East Railway Station 06:29 06:03 21:59 21:33
Tantou -- 06:00 -- 21:30
 Note: The frequency of Jinan Subway Line 3 is 7 minutes during peak hours of 07:00-09:00 and 17:00-19:00, 8.5 minutes in other time.


Transfer along Jinan Metro Line 3

 Bajianbu: Transfer with Line 2

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Metro Stations of Line 3

("" points out transfer station)

Surroundings: Longteng Road, Longfei Road, Longding Avenue, Longdongzhuang Village, Xinyuan Community, Dingxiu Jiayuan Community, Dahua Zijun Community, Yixinyuan Community, Longde School, Baowei Kindergarten
Bus Routes: 515, 539, K139

Surroundings: Longze Road, Yunlong Road, Mengjiazhuang Reservoir, Mengjiazhuang Village, Jinping Jiayuan Community, Yuheyuan Community, Xijiang Huafu Community, Meiguiyuan Community, Jinping School, Xinju Kindergarten, Longjin Market
Bus Routes: 515, 518, 539, K139

 Long’ao Mansion
Surroundings: Longdong Flyover, South Long’ao Road, West Long’ao Road, Long’ao Mansion, Long’ao Park, Municipal Government, Yulan Square, Yinzuo Huayuan Community, Caifu Huayuan Community, Qingxin Jiayuan Community, Longjingyuan Community, Greentown Central Plaza
Bus Routes: 312, 323, 325, 326, 539, K131, K139, K151, K169  

 Olympic Sports Center
Surroundings: Jingshi Road, East Jiefang Road, Olympic Sports Center, Shandong Provincial Hospital, Shandong Superior People’s Court, Chengcheng Mansion, Jinyu Mansion, Golden Time’s Square
Bus Routes: 539, B150, K18, K62, K63

 Ligeng Road
Surroundings: Ligeng Road, Kunshun Road, Yanshan Xinju Community, International City Community, Kangqiao Community, Red Cross Society of Shandong, China Mobile, China Unicom
Bus Routes: 503, B150, K63, K161

Surroundings: South Gongye Road, The Aoti Zhonglu Campus of the Middle School Affiliated to Shandong University, Electronic Mechanical Engineering School, Baowei Science Park, Jinan Central Business District, Home Inn, Jiayi Hotel, Renhe Hotel, Green Tree Hotel
Bus Routes: 116, 123, 311, 503, K10, K47, K87, K99, K122, K123, K922

 East Huayuan Road
Surroundings: East Huayuan Road, West Olympic Road, Poly Huating Community, Shengjing Jiayuan Community, Keyuan Community, Xinghe Industrial Park, Chongde Middle School, Feng’ao Jiayuan Primary School, Qilu School, Shandong Agriculture and Engineering University, China Unicom, Shuping Drugstore
Bus Routes: 106, 308, 503, 550, K106, K138, K163, K168 

Surroundings: Zhushun Road, Shengfuyuan Community, Mingfu Huayuan Community, Zhouzhuang Xinyuan Community, Baihe Huayuan Community, Mingde Middle School, Shenghe Primary School, Xizhou Industrial Park, Minsheng Banking, Pingjia Drugstore
Bus Routes: 503, 550, K113

Surroundings: North Gongye Road, Middle Olympic Road, Daxinzhuang Community, Xingfuliu Community, Shuanglongju Community, Dongfang Liyuan Community, Xingfuliu Square, Huahui Industrial Park, Daxin Primary School, Zhangmatun Primary School, High School Attached to Shandong Normal University, Hongteng Hotel
Bus Routes: 97, 307, 309, 313, 315, 316, 327, 328, K57, K71

Surroundings: Lengshui Road, Sujia Community, Yangbei Community, Evergrande City Community, Guoxinyuan Community, Inzone Wanhong Plaza, Evergrande Commercial Plaza, Liren School, Wangsheren Experimental School
Bus Routes: 97, 307, 309, 313, 315, 316, 327, 328, K57, K71

Surroundings: Bawang Road, Juxian Street, 3rd People’s Hospital, Baoqingyuan Community, Dongcheng Suyuan Community, Shizheng Huayuan Community, Jinan Information Engineering School, No.18 Middle School, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Quanzhirun Business Hotel
Bus Routes: K187, K188

 East Railway Station
Surroundings: Shuncheng Street, Ganghua Road, East Railway Station, Liangwang New City, Jidong Apartment, Wangsheren Experimental Middle School, Liangwang Primary School
Bus Routes: K187, K188, K189

Surroundings: Chuande Road, Nantantou Village, Sunjiawei Village, Tantou Primary School
Bus Route: 315
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