Best Way to Travel between Beijing and Jinan

It is about 360km (225mi) between Beijing and Jinan. The best way to travel between is by bullet train, which only takes 1.5-2.5h and CNY186-233 for 2nd class seat. Normal speed trains also run, with a duration of 6-8.5h. A hard sleeper ticket usually costs CNY129-133. The third option is the long-distance bus, and it needs 5-6h and CNY120-150.

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How to Travel from Beijing to Jinan

1. Best Way: Beijing to Jinan Bullet Train: 1.5-2.5h, CNY186-223 for 2nd Class Seat

About 120 daily bullet trains bring great convenience for travelers. From 6:20 to 22:42, at least 5 trains depart from Beijing South Railway Station every hour. Most trains arrive at Jinan West Railway Station.

 Ticket Fare:
2nd Class Seat: CNY186-223; 1st Class Seat: CNY298-357; Business Class Seat: CNY590-782

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2. Beijing to Jinan Normal Speed Train: 6-8.5h, CNY129-133 for Hard Sleeper

Only 5 normal speed trains are in service. Z349 departs from Beijing Fengtai Railway Station and K101, 1461, K285 and K411 depart from Beijing Railway Station. Z349, K285 and K411 arrive at Daminghu Railway Station. K101 and 1461 arrive at Jinan Railway Station

Train No. Dep. Arr. Duration
Z349 22:50 05:29 6h 39min
K101 23:20 05:19 5h 59min
K411 23:49 06:04 6h 15min
K285 16:45 00:59 8h 14min
1461 11:55 18:25 6h 30min

 Ticket Fare:
Hard Seat: CNY72-75; Hard Sleeper: CNY129-133; Soft Sleeper: CNY197-205

3. Beijing to Jinan Long-distance Bus: 5-6h, CNY120-150

Dep. Point Dep. Time Ticket Fare
Zhaogongkou Bus Station 9:00, 10:30 CNY150
Xinfadi Bus Station 7:40 on even days
14:30 on odd days
Sihui Bus Station 7:00, 13:00, 17:00, 18:00 CNY150

How to Travel from Jinan to Beijing

1. Best Way: Jinan to Beijing Bullet Train: 1.5-2.5h, CNY177-211 for 2nd Class Seat

There are nearly 130 bullet trains every day, departing from 7:05 to 22:17. Most of them run from Jinan West Railway Station to Beijing South Railway Station. 

 Ticket Fare:
2nd Class Seat: CNY177-211; 1st Class Seat: CNY298-343; Business Class Seat: CNY590-728

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2. Jinan to Beijing Normal Speed Train: 6-9.5h, CNY120-133 for Hard Sleeper

Please pay attention to two different departure stations, Daminghu Railway Station for K412, K286 and Z350, and Jinan Railway Station for 1462 and K102. The terminal stations are Beijing Railway Station and Beijing Fengtai Railway Station.

Train No. Dep. Arr. Duration
1462 02:13 10:50 8h 37min
K412 05:42 12:32 6h 50min
K286 06:39 13:26 6h 47min
K102 09:31 15:45 6h 14min
Z350 17:32 03:10 9h 38min

 Ticket Fare:
Hard Seat: CNY63-75; Hard Sleeper: CNY120-133; Soft Sleeper: CNY188-205

3. Jinan to Beijing Long-distance Bus: 5-6h, CNY139

Dep. Point Dep. Time Ticket Fare
Jinan West Bus Station 9:20 CNY139
Jinan General Long-distance Bus Station 9:00, 9:20 CNY139

How to Get from Beijing to Jinan Daming Lake Park & Baotu Spring?

Tourists are suggested to visit Daming Lake Park and then Baotu Spring from north to south. 

1. Bullet Train + City Bus/Metro: 2-4h, CNY190-230

First, you may take a bullet train and get to Jinan, Jinan West, Jinan East Railway Station or Daminghu Railway Station in 1.5-2.5h. Then, according to your arrival station, transfer to city bus or metro as shown below to get to Daming Lake.

→From Jinan Railway Station: Take city bus K11 and get off at the Daming Lake stop. It takes 40min and CNY2.

→From Jinan West Railway Station: Pay CNY2 to take city bus K109 to Daming Lake stop. It takes 1.5 hours and CNY2.

→From Jinan East Railway Station: Take metro Line 3 (bound for Longdong) to Badongbao, then transfer to line 2 to Shengchan Rd. Walk westward for 300 meters (330yd) to take the bus K95 to Daming Lake Stop. It together costs 70min and CNY7.
→From Daminghu Railway Station: Daming Lake is just on the south of the railway station. Tourists can walk southward to visit the lake.

2. Normal Speed Train + City Bus/By Foot: 6.5-9h, CNY130-140 

First, you may travel to Jinan by normal speed train. If you arrive at Jinan Railway Station, you may follow the way listed above. If you arrive at Daminghu Railway Station, you may simply walk south for 300 meters (330yd).

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