Jinan Metro Line 2

Wangfuzhuang – Pengjiazhuang

(Identification Color: yellow          )

Jinan metro line 2 operates between Wangfuzhuang and Pengjiazhuang, covering a total length of 36 kilometers (22 miles) and containing 19 stations. Running through Lashan, Old Town, East New Districts and Tangye New City, Jinan subway line 2 stretches in east-west direction, passing major stations such as Jinan Railway Station, West Erhuan Road and Shengchan Road. The whole single trip takes around 50 minutes. 

Timetable of Jinan Metro Line 2

Station First Train Last Train
To Pengjiazhuang To Wangfuzhuang To Pengjiazhuang To Wangfuzhuang
Wangfuzhuang 06:00 -- 22:00 --
Lashan South 06:02 06:16 22:02 22:49
Lashan 06:06 06:12 22:06 22:44
West Erhuan Road 06:00 06:09 22:10 22:41
Laotun 06:02 06:06 22:12 22:39
Baliqiao 06:04 06:04 22:14 22:37
Yikang Road 06:06 06:02 22:16 22:34
Jinan Railway Station North 06:00 06:00 22:19 22:32
Jiluo Road  06:02 06:07 22:22 22:29
Shengchan Road 06:05 06:04 22:24 22:27
Beiyuan 06:08 06:02 22:27 22:24
Lishan Road 06:00 06:00 22:29 22:22
Qilibao 06:03 06:05 22:33 22:19
Zhudian 06:05 06:02 22:35 22:16
Bajianbu  06:00 06:00 22:38 22:13
Jiangjiazhuang 06:02 06:10 22:41 22:10
Fenghuang Road 06:05 06:07 22:43 22:07
Baoshan 06:09 06:03 22:47 22:03
Pengjiazhuang -- 06:00 -- 22:00

Transfer along Jinan Subway Line 2

 Wangfuzhuang: Transfer with Line 1
 Bajianbu: Transfer with Line 3

Surroundings and Bus Routes near the Stations of Jinan Metro Line 2

("" points out transfer station)

Surroundings: Guihua Road, Liuchangshan Road, Youdian Road, Shuitun Village, Shandong Posts & Telecommunications School, Jinan Secondary Vocational School of Technology, Junyu Lanyuan Community, Wangfu Community
Bus Route: K172
 Lashan South 
Surroundings: West Lashan Road, East Lashan Road, Yongjun Road, Lashanyuan Community, Lashan Nanyuan Community, Zhangjiazhuang Community, Quanjingyuan Community, Quanjing Xiyuan Community, Guoji Huadu Community, Woniu Mountain, Peixin Primary School, Lashan Primary School, Huaiyin District Quanxin School
Bus Routes: K81, K172, K228

Surroundings: Jingshi Road, Zhangzhuang Road, Yuanfeng Community, Xincheng Lingyu Community, Shili Huayuan Community, Rongxiang Huayuan Community, Jingxiuyuan Community, 
Rongxiang Office Building, Xinxi Shopping Mall, Mingxing Primary School, No.106 Hospital, Luquan Hotel
Bus Routes: K7, K19, K20, K56, K58, K61, K78, K81, K96, K109, K126, K157, B98

 West Erhuan Road 
Surroundings: West Erhuan Road, Yantai Road, Zhangzhuang Road, Xitang Jiadi Community, Yangguang Yikangyuan Community, Longxin Huayuan Community, Qiantun Community, Yeshengyuan Community, Kongcun Community, Liujiachang Community, IKEA, Shandong International Convention & Exhibition Center, Zhangzhuang Primary School, Liutang Primary School, No.30 Middle School, 7 Days Inn
Bus Routes: 523, K7, K96, K215, K216, K909, K912, T15

Surroundings: Guangyou Tea Market, Quancheng Huayuan Community, Kuangshan Community, Jinse Yangguang Huayuan Community, Jinyuan Community, Yanqianhu Community, Benhui Community, Guangyou Shopping Mall, Jinan Forest Park, Kuangshan Park
Bus Routes: B76, K7, K96, K107, K167

Surroundings: Weishi’er Road, Wanshengyuan Community, Qilu Huayuan Community, Beida Huaishu Jiayuan Community, Yuyuan Community, Yujingcheng Community, Rongtai Community, Dikouzhuang Community, Jiahua Shopping Mall, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Yujingcheng Primary School
Bus Routes: B76, K7, K26, K91, K96, K107, K167
 Yikang Road 
Surroundings: Yikang Road, Dikou Road, Rongtai Community, Jilu Huayuan Community, Xuefu Liyuan Community, Tianbao Xinju Community, Junxiu Huayuan Community, Bowen Primary School, Huimin Primary School, Bowen Middle School, No.11 Middle School, Zhong’an Hotel, Pod Inn, Bank of China
Bus Routes: 67, B100, K7, K12, K45, K91, K107, K167

 Jinan Railway Station North 
Surroundings: Jianan Railway Station, Huangtun Community, Zhonghuan Huayuan Community, Quanxing Community, Shimao Tiancheng Community, Tianhuayuan Community, Junxiu Huayuan Community, Mingquan Chunxiao Community, Baohua Primary School, Tianqiao District Government, Merchants Bank
Bus Routes: 32, K32, K85, K140, K901, K904, K906

 Jiluo Road 
Surroundings: Jiluo Road, Wuying Shanzhong Road, Quanxing Community, Luoxiang Community, Jinfengyuan Community, Yiyin Community, Quanxing Primary School, Home Inn, Xiangyang Hotel, Super 8 Hotel, KFC, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: BRT1, K902, K919, K920

 Shengchan Road 
Surroundings: Shengchan Road, Yinzuo Jiaju Community, Guomao Huayuan Community, Junyi Zuo’an Community, Shidai Huayuan Community, Minghu Huayuan Community, Qingheyuan Community, Hexiangcun Community, Longdu Hotel, Qinghe Primary School, China Mobile, KFC
Bus Routes: 532, B57, B86, B84, B112, K30, K66, K95, K107

Surroundings: Beiyuan Street, Jinheyuan Community, Liangfu Community, Dongfang Yujing Community, Shuiyuan Community, Bianzhuang Huayuan Community, Liuhang Community, Xinyuan Community, Daminghu Railway Station, Postal Savings Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: B36, B57, B84, K14, K31, K107

 Lishan Road 
Surroundings: Lishan Road, Fenghui Community, Fengjingyuan Community, Qingheyuan Community, Beiquanfu Community, The Second Hospital of Shandong University, 7 Days Inn, KFC, Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: B36, B57, B84, K107, K902, K910, T11

Surroundings: Qilibao Road, Qilibao Community, Xinda Community, Dongxing Yucheng Community, Shunzeyuan Community, Huayuan Community, Huandong Jiayuan Community, Hongjialou No.3 Primary School, Ruixing Hotel
Bus Routes: 536, B16, B70, B165, BRT4, K46, K55, K75, K93, K113, T26 

Surroundings: Zhushun Road, Xinzhu Road, Zhudian Dongfang Huayuan Community, Haide Gongguan Community, Xindian Community, Minghui Haoting Community, Sangyuan Community, Shanghai Huayuan Community, Shuntianxiang Hospital, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: K30, K80, K113, K118, T205 

Surroundings: Shengfuyuan Community, Mingfu Huayuan Community, Dongcheng Yujing Community, Zhouzhuang Xinyuan Community, Xizhou Community, Shenghe Primary School, Quzhang Hospital
Bus Routes: 550, B237, K113

Surroundings: Zhonglin Road, North Tiechang Road, Xinlicheng Community, Guoxinyuan Community, Hengda Community, Dongfang Liyuan Community, Wanhong Square
Bus Routes: B237, K37, K106, K166, K168, T19

 Fenghuang Road 
Surroundings: Fenghuang Road, Panlongshan Industrial Park, Dongrun Liyuan Community, Shexing Jiayuan Community, Wenhua Primary School, China Post
Bus Routes: K37, K138, K187, K189, B237  

Surroundings: Fengming Road, Feiyue Avenue, Baoshan Huayuan Community, Gangcheng Xinyuan Community, Jigang Xincun Community, Hailiang Yuanli Community, Jinhe Shanzhuang Community, Dongli Huayuan Community, Hancang Primary School
Bus Routes: K99, K122, K146, T10

Surroundings: Middle Tangye Road, Xingyuan Street, Hetang Yuese Community, Tangcheng Community, Xiangshu Huacheng Community, Jiutangfu Community, Guokuang Hospital, Tangye Primary School
Bus Routes: 517, K188
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