Jinan Metro Line 1

Industrial Technology Research Institute – Fangte

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Jinan metro line 1 extends 26 kilometers (16 miles) in north-south direction, passing by Changqing, Shizhong, and Huaiyin Districts with 11 stations for passengers to get on and off.  The trains run along Jinan subway line 1 between Industrial Technology Research Institute and Fangte via West Railway Station, departing from 06:00 to 21:30 every 7-9 minutes. It takes around 26 minutes for the whole single trip. The ticket price of Jinan subway line 1 ranges from CNY 2 to CNY 6 according to the metered fare.

Timetable of Jinan Metro Line 1

Station To Fangte To Industrial Technology Research Institute
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Industrial Technology Research Institute 06:00 21:30 -- --
Innovation Valley 06:03 21:33 06:31 22:01
Garden Expo 06:06 21:36 06:28 21:58
University Town 06:09 21:39 06:24 21:54
Ziwei Road 06:12 21:42 06:21 21:51
Zhaoying 06:16 21:46 06:17 21:47
Yufuhe 06:20 21:50 06:14 21:44
Wangfuzhuang 06:24 21:54 06:10 21:40
Dayang 06:29 21:59 06:06 21:36
West Railway Station 06:32 22:02 06:02 21:32
Fangte -- -- 06:00 21:30

 Note: The frequency of Jinan Rail Transit Line 1 is 7 minutes 45 seconds during peak hours of 07:00-09:00 and 17:00-19:00, and 9 minutes in other time.


Transfers along Jinan Subway Line 1

 Wangfuzhuang: Transfer with Line 2

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Metro Stations of Jinan Metro Line 1

("" points out transfer station)

 Industrial Technology Research Institute
Surroundings: Dangui Road, Haitang Road, Preschool Education College, Chidong Village, Zhongzhuang Village, Huanggujing Village, Xiaoliuzhuang Village
Bus Routes: Changqing Bus Line K102, K134

 Innovation Valley
Surroundings: Furong Road, Xixinzhuang Village, Innovation Valley, Changqinghu Community, Qilu University Science Park, Zhongjian Changqing Lake Experimental School Attached to Shandong Normal University
Bus Routes: Changqing Bus Line K102, K134

 Garden Expo
Surroundings: Dingxiang Road, Garden Expo, Shantong Jiaotong University, Shandong Management University, Danfeng Primary School, Danfeng Community, Wenchangshan Park
Bus Routes: K24, K134, K302

 University Town
Surroundings: Daxue Road, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Changqing University Town Experimental school, Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), Letian Primary School, Pipa Mountain, Letian Community
Bus Routes: K24, K134, K302, Changqing Bus Line K101 

 Ziwei Road
Surroundings: Ziwei Road, Wate Road, Shandong Socialist College, Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College, Nanru Community, Fanjing Jiayuan Community, Nanru Village
Bus Routes: K25, K141, K207, K217

Surroundings: Liuchangshan Road, Dangqi Road, West Zhaojiaying Road, Zhaozhuang Village, Yangtai Village, Shuangmiaotun Village, Lixin Village, Fengqi Primary School, Jiertun Village
Bus Routes: K172

Surroundings: Yufu River, Zhenghong River, Guotai Xincheng Community, Dongzhuang Village, Yuanzhuang Village, Zhenghong Kindergarten
Bus Route: K172

Surroundings: Youdian Road, Zhongqiao Flyover, Shuitun Village, Shandong Posts & Telecommunications College, Secondary Vocational School of Technology, Xiaobailing Kindergarten, Wangfu Community
Bus Route: K172

Surroundings: Dangyang Road, Jingshi Road, Qizhou Road, Qilu Avenue, Huaiyun District Government, Dayin Primary School, Dajin Xinyuan Community, Jinxiu Xicheng Community, Jinke City Community, Jinxin Jiayuan Community, Metro Supermarket
Bus Routes: 61, K20, K56, K61, K78, K126, K141, K915

 West Railway Station
Surroundings: Shun’an Road, Rizhao Road, Weihai Road, West Railway Station, West Coach Station, Shun’anyuan Community, Binfencheng Community, Wuqi Park, Central Park, Shandong Provincial Capital Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre, Municipal Library
Bus Routes: 909, K38, K909, K911, Jinan Yaoqiang Airport Shuttle Bus Line 3

Surroundings: Qizhou Road, Liaocheng Road, Hengda Yayuan Community, Xingfu Jiayuan Community, Liyue Jiayuan Community, Xingyue Jiayuan Community, Yinma Primary School, Jinxiucheng Primary School, Liyue Middle School, Liaocheng Road Market, Pingjia Drugstore, China Unicom
Bus Routes: 523, K19, K133, K149
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