Zhejiang Weather

With subtropical monsoon climate, Zhejiang weather features with moderate annual temperature, abundant sunshine and rainfall, wet hot summer and dry cold winter. Traveling in June to October, you should pay attention to the weather forecast to avoid dangerous climate like typhoon.

Best Time to Visit Zhejiang

March to May and September to November are the best time to visit Zhejiang, when you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery of the elegant southern China.

Annual Weather Facts of Major Cities

Hangzhou Weather Averages
  • High Temp: 37~39℃ (99~102℉)
  • Low Temp: -3~0℃ (27~32℉)
  • Humidity: 77%
  • Rainfall: 1,454 mm
3-Day Hangzhou Weather Forecast
Ningbo Weather Averages
  • High Temp: 36~38℃ (97~100℉)
  • Low Temp: -3~0℃ (27~32℉)
  • Humidity: 81%
  • Rainfall: 1,401 mm
3-Day Ningbo Weather Forecast


Zhejiang Climate – Seasons & Travel Advice

Spring (Mar - May)

Entering spring, the weather of Zhejiang starts to get warm with little rainfall. Traveling in spring, you can witness the elegant beauty in south Yangtze River Delta to the most. The flowers are in blossom and plants “wear” new greens. Attractions like West Lake and Xitang Water Town have the best scenery during this time, waiting for you to enjoy. Besides, it is the best time to visit Meijiawu Tea Plantation where you can appreciate farmers pick up new tea leaves, make tea on your own and taste the freshest tea.

What to Wear: long sleeves T-shirt, trench coat, jeans, sneakers…

Spring in Zhejiang
Spring in Zhejiang
Summer in Zhejiang
Summer in Zhejiang

Summer (Jun - Aug)

Zhejiang climate in summer is humid and hot, with more rainfall than other seasons. Generally from early June to early July, it is affected by constant light rains. Sometimes the highest temperature can reach 38~40℃ (100~104℉). To seek for coolness, you can make a trip to Mount Putuo also famous for Buddhism relics, Mogan Mountain covered by bamboo sea, Shenxianju abundant in waterfalls, and Xixi National Wetland Park, etc. The lotus flowers in West Lake are also in blossom from July to August.   

What to Wear: shirts, dress, skirt, shorts, sun hat…

Autumn (Sep - Nov)

In autumn, the Zhejiang weather is pleasant and mild, and tourists can visit most scenic spots comfortably. The natural scenery in this season is also attracting benefiting from the colorful leaves. West Lake, Thousand Islets Lake, and Wuzhen Water Town are all worth going. The grand Qiantang River tidal around Mid-Autumn Festival falling in middle September to early October should also not be missed. Autumn is also the harvest season of seafood like hairy crabs. You can take the chance to taste local delicious food apart from admiring the beautiful scenery.

What to Wear: hoodie, baseball jacket, sweatpants, hiking shoes...

Autumn in Zhejiang
Autumn Color
Winter in Zhejiang
Winter in Zhejiang

Winter (Dec - Feb)

Affected by northwest wind, the climate in winter is dry and cold. The lowest temperature can decrease to -3~-1℃ (27~30℉). Therefore, it is a low tourist season. But the good thing is that the travel cost also decreases. Without the crowd of tourists, it will be a good experience for you to enjoy the quiet ancient towns like Xitang Water Town and Nanxun Water Town at a leisurely pace. Starting from February, the plum starts to bloosom around the southern bank of Taihu Lake, lasts till April.  

What to Wear: sweater, woolen overcoat, downcoat, ankle boots…

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