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Beijing Gardens Walking Tour

Route: Yuyuantan Park - Fucheng Road - Shoudu Tiyuguan South Road - Beijing Zoo - Summer Palace
Feature: This 1-day Beijing walking tour provides independent travelers a chance to get in touch with the nature in the downtown area. Not only can you enjoy the natural landscape of hills, lakes, gardens, and plants, lively animals can also bring your great joy.
Walking Distance: 6 miles (10 kilometers)
Time: 6 - 7 hours
Panda in Beijing Zoo
The first stop of this independent Beijing walking tour is the Yuyuantan Park. You can take subway line 1 or 9 to Military Museum Station; leave from Exit E2 and walk north along West Junbo Road towards the China Century Monument, behind which is the southern entrance of Yuyuantan Park.

Buy a ticket and enter the park. The best time to visit Yuyuantan Park is during spring from March to May. At that time, plants begin to sprout and flowers are blooming. Green trees and colorful flowers will paint this park with mild colors and the air will be full of fragrance. Local people are glad to have an outing in the park to admire joyful spring scenes. The Cherry Garden in the northwest is the highlight of Yuyuantan Park. An eyeful of pink cherry blossoms there is worthy to take pictures of. From the park, you can overlook the CCTV Tower in a distance, which is like a lighthouse standing in a sea of flowers.
Please get out from the northern gate of the park, and then walk northwards along the street to the Fucheng Road. Head eastwards and turn north onto Shoudu Tiyuguan South Road at the first crossing. Keep walking forward until you reach the Xizhimen Outer Street. Then, turn east and the southwest gate of Beijing Zoo is just a few yards ahead of you. Thousands of animals, including the giant pandas, tigers, bears, and marine animals, are living there. Lovely animal stars are always ready to put on interesting shows for travelers.

After that, you are advised to leave from the northwest gate of the zoo. Then, please take a leisure walk westwards along the Wutasi Road and go through the Purple Bamboo Garden from its east gate to north gate; continue to head west along Wanshousi Road and Banbi Street; then walk northwards along Landianchang Road to the next destination of this independent walking tour, the Summer Palace. Along the way, you can have beautiful river views and pass by some historical sites, such as Zijin Taoist Temple and Wanshou Temple. The hiking trail will end at the southern entrance of the Summer Palace, and it takes about 2 hours.
Summer Palace
Some may find this 5-mile hiking route too challenging to follow. For these independent travelers, it is advised to take a cruise at the Houhu Wharf to the east of the Beijing Zoo. The ship departs from Houhu Wharf during 10:00 -16:00 every one hour. You will reach the southern gate of the Summer Palace within 45 minutes. Disembark from the ship and find the ticket office to start the visit.

The Summer Palace used to be the recreational resort for royal family of the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) to get through the hot summer time. Strolling around the imperial garden, you can get totally relaxed viewing beautiful scenes of Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill, as well as admiring grand palaces.

When the visit of the Summer Palace is over, your 1-day independent Beijing walking tour comes to an end. It is advised that you get out from the northern gate of the garden. Then walk eastwards for a few yards to take subway line 4 at Beigongmen Station to leave.
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