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Yangshuo Bicycle Tour along Ten-Mile Gallery

Route: Yangshuo - Gongnong Bridge - Big Banyan - Moon Hill - Jianshan Temple - Yan Village - Tianjia River - Aishan Village - Yangshuo
Bicycle trip in Yangshuo
This is a classical biking route cycling out Yangshuo into the countryside along the beautiful Ten-Mile Gallery. It is a rather moderate route suitable for average travelers, streching from the Yangshuo town area to the Moon Hill and covering a total length of 20 kilometers (12 miles). There are multiple tourist spots along the way and you can stop at and wander around. Some of them charge a fee, but the cycling route itself is free and you can choose where to stop along the way. 

You can easily find bike rental booths in Yangshuo, especially along the West Street. If you have checked in a hotel in Yangshuo, you can also rent the bike at the front desk. Generally, the fare is CNY 20.00 or so for a day, with a deposit of CNY100.00. You can pay by cash, by Wechat or by Alipay. 

Starting from the West Street, you can ride southwards along Kangzhan Road for 30 minutes to Gongnong Bridge. Along the way, you will pass the Totem Ancient Path and the Butterfly Spring Park. The former is a spot reproducing the scenes of daily life of Zengpi People in ancient Guilin. It charges CNY35.00 per ticket. The latter one is a beautiful park, where you can have a bird's eye view of Ten-Mile Gallery. However, you need to pay the entrance fee of CNY45.00.

Gongnong Bridge is located at the confluence of Yulong, Jinbao, and Tianjia Rivers. You are highly suggested to stop here and feast your eyes with great views and take nice photos. You will see three adjoining peaks on your east side, resembling a giant camel crossing the river. There are also bamboo rafts floating on the river. All of them make up an ink landscape painting.
Continue cycling for about 500 meters (550 yards), you will arrive at the Big Banyan Scenic Area. As its name indicates, it is famous for an old banyan tree which has been around for over 1,500 years. It is also called the Tree of Love. People in relationships often come here to make wishes for their future. You need to pay the admission fee of CNY 15.00 to see this big tree.

About 1.5 kilometers (one mile) away from the Big Banyan is the Moon Hill. It is so named because there is a naturally-formed round hole on the top of the hill, just like a big bright moon. You don't need to pay the entrance fee to see it. There is a village nearby which provides a great viewpoint. Just ride along the path on the south into the village and you will find a wide square, where you can overlook the Moon Hill. There are also mutiple outdoor eating stops along the way where you can have a simple lunch and take a break.
Rural Yangshuo
After that, you can reverse the trip back to the Big Banyan Scenic Area, and then turn eastwards onto a country road. Head forward and you will pass by Jianshan Temple on the way. Continue riding to the east and go across a stone arch bridge to reach Yan Village. Yan Village is close to the Tianjia River. You may leave your bike at the roadside and enjoy the scenery at the river dam. Don't miss the sunset scene here. At that time, the sun will cast its golden light on the rolling river. Sometimes, there will also be small herds of cattle slowly passing by, presenting the peaceful idyllic scenery of this place.

After enjoying the charming sunset at Tianjia River, take a leisurely ride northwards to Aishan Village. Go across the Aishan Bridge and follow the asphalted road northwards to return back to Yangshuo.
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