6 Tips on Tours to Huangshan in Winter

Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) is one of the best mountains in China with different scenery in different seasons. A Huangshan winter trip awards visitors with white snow, crystal hanging icicles and glittering soft rimes. There are also more opportunities to see magnificent sea of clouds in winter than other seasons. Besides, winter is the low season of tourism, thus you would spend less; and you can have a better experience with fewer visitors. However, it is cold and the steps may be slippery in winter, so you need make full preparation in advance. Here are 6 tips for you to visit Huangshan in winter.

1. Pay Attention to Weather Forecast before Visit

Snow-covered views, soft rimes, hanging icicles and other fantastic scenery in winter are not available every day. Generally speaking, the probability to see soft rimes and hanging icicles is 60%; snowfall, 30%; sea of clouds, 30%; and sunrise or sunset, 30%. If you want to appreciate the most beautiful scenery in Huangshan winter, you need to know the local weather and go there in proper time.

Huangshan Weather

2. Well Design a Climbing Route to Avoid Closed Spots

West Sea Valley, Heaven Capital Peak and Lotus Peak in Huangshan Mountain are closed from December to March every year. There are two reasons for the closure. When Yellow Mountain is covered by snow or frozen, paths become wet and slippery so that it is unsafe to walk on or climb up. What’s more, the gaps in rocks would expand when they are frozen, which would result in rock falls and landslides easily. Given the safety of tourists, the three spots are closed in winter.

A popular 2 days Huangshan winter itinerary is recommended below:

Day 1: Cloud Valley Cable Car - Beginning to Believe Peak – Monkey Gazing at the Sea – The Flower Grown out of a Writing Bush Rock – Lion Peak – Bei Hai Hotel / Xi Hai Hotel – sunset at Cloud Dispersing Pavilion / Red Cloud Peak
Day 2: sunrise at Bright Peak Summit – Legendary Turtle Peak – 100-step Scaling Ladder – Guest-Greeting Pine – Lotus Pavilion Cloud Sea – Heaven Capital Peak – Merciful Light Pavilion – Merciful Light Pavilion Cable Car Downtown

3. Know the Specific Place and Time to See Sunrise or Sunset

If you are going to appreciate sunrise or sunset in Huangshan winter, keep an eye on the time when the sun rises or goes down. There are reminders in the scenic area. And, you should choose a good position to see these natural phenomena beforehand. If you get to the place just on the time, you may see a number of tourists in front of you, and you cannot see the wonderful views in a perfect view point.

4. Clothing should be warm and light and shoes anti-slippery.

Huangshan winter is cold. Wear warm clothes, hat, scarf and gloves, especially at the moments to watch the sunrise in the dawn or sunset in the dusk. Meanwhile, the clothing should be as light as possible, to ensure you climb mountain flexibly. The roads on Yellow Mountain would be frozen in or after snowy days, so a pair of anti-slippery shoes are very necessary. You can also prepare crampons to help climbing.

5. Pack Light and Necessarily

Pack light to reduce your unnecessary load. But you must take enough water. Carrying a vacuum cup with warm water is better. Most hotels on Yellow Mountain provide hot drinking water for free. You’d better take some high-calorie food as well, such as chocolate, to replenish physical strength on the way. There are fixed stands to sell snacks and drinks at regular distances, but the prices are usually higher. You may take a trekking stick, which would help you save much strength while climbing. Last but not the least, remember to bring a raincoat with you.

6. Do not miss Huangshan winter scenery on a cable car.

It would be an exciting experience on the caber car to overlook the white Huangshan Mountain covered by thick snow. How spectacular it is! It is a wholly different view from what you see on ground. Meanwhile taking a cable car will save your energy in some degree.

Cable Cars on Huangshan Mountain

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