Huangshan Mountain Travel Tips

Tips for Huangshan Mountain Hiking Tour

1. The Huangshan Mountain can be divided into front and back parts. The Cloud Valley Temple at the entrance of south gate in back Huangshan and the Merciful Light Pavilion located in the Hot Springs Scenic Area in front Huangshan are normally two starting points for Huangshan hiking tours. In order to save physical strength, it is usually advised to start the trekking from the back mountain, and go down from the front part. 

2. For biological protection, peaks in Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) may be closed down from time to time. So please always refer to the latest news bulletins.

3. To avoid being deceived by private car owners, you should reach the entrance of Huangshan by public transport or official taxi. There are official buses from Huangshan North Railway Station, Huangshan Railway Station and Tunxi Coach Station to the scenic area. 

4. Round trip cable cars are available in Huangshan Mountain Scenic Spot for visitors to save energy. 
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5. Time allocation: In general, it is appropriate to spend two days for sightseeing on Huangshan. There are hotels on the mountain providing an accommodation service. Staying overnight on the mountain, one can seize the chance to appreciate the stunning sunset and sunrise. 

6. Most of the Huangshan trekking routes are steep, so it is not advised to climb the mountain on rainy days. If there is a sudden rainstorm while mountaineering, you are not supposed to take hold of the iron handrail or take shelter under leafy trees. Just find a flat and safe place as soon as possible. 

7. Due to the mountain height and cliffy roads, you should climb slowly and carefully. For your safety, do not indulge in appreciating fine views around you while climbing. After reaching an expansive, open location, you can stop to have a nice glimpse at the captivating landscape. 

8. In order to save physical strength, you can lean forward and walk in “Z” lines when climbing up. 

9. For smokers, be aware that smoking is allowed only in certain places.

Packing List for Huangshan Mountain Hiking Tour

Huangshan travelers should travel light. You can leave your unnecessary luggage at the mountain foot hotels for a certain charge.

Food: Light, Small, High Calorie

Before setting off, prepare some high calorie foods with small volume to replenish your strength in short time, such as chocolate and sugar. Some beverages are also fine to be carried for adding sugar to your body. Water, although heavy, should also be on the packing list; but you should not take too much to save energy; it is available uphill at a higher price. If you need to buy some foods uphill, the Beihai is a recommended place because of the relatively cheap price. Please note that foods on the Bright Peak are the most expensive. 

Clothes: Comfortable, Breathable, Dry-easy

For the convenience of the hiking, you should wear comfortable and breathable clothes and hiking shoes with soft soles. Dry-easy clothes are also good choices to protect you from getting cold after sweating. Do not wear long skirt and leather shoes with high heels to go climbing. You can take an extra piece of overcoat in case of the big temperature difference between the foot and top of the hill.

Mountaineering Equipment

1. An alpenstock will be helpful for energy saving. 

2. Sunblock is also essential because the ultraviolet light is relatively strong in Huangshan, especially in summer.

3. Moreover, gloves will protect your hands from being scratched by incisive rocks and tree branches. 

Rain Gear: Raincoat instead of Umbrella

The climate on the mountain is changeable, and it’s easy to meet strong winds. Hence, remember to bring a raincoat instead of umbrella for the trekking.

Nearby Huangshan Hotels

1. In Huangshan scenic area, you can check into a hotel located at either the foot of the mountain or its mountaintop. However, if wish to enjoy the alluring sunrise or sunset glow, it is suggested to stay overnight on the summit. 

2. Before booking the hotel, it is expected that you will plan the travel route well, and then make a reservation not far from the ending point of that day’s travel route. 

3. When visiting Huangshan within its high season between April and August, you should make the hotel reservations at least one week earlier. Otherwise, only the greatcoat may be left for you to rent to stay in the hotel lobby. 

4. Camping: July and August are the appropriate times for camping in Huangshan because at other times the temperature is too low to go camping. You can carry your own tent or rent one from the hotels uphill. The hotels allow tourists to camp in their front empty area. It is required to pay CNY 30 to the hotel, and then campers can use the hotel’s public washrooms.

5. The hotels on Huangshan such as Bei Hai Hotel and Xi Hai Hotel are mainly scattered but neighboring North Sea, Lion Peak and Beginning to Believe Peak. Usually, the price is cheaper if you book online. 
 Reference hotel prices:
Room Type Slow Season Peak Season
Dormitory with 3 or 4 double-deck beds 100-180 per bed 150-300 per bed
Dormitory with 4 single beds 140-260 per bed 320-380 per bed
Standard room 500-800 per room 700-1,500 per room
Family room with three beds 750-1,100 per room 1,000-2,000 per room
Note: The prices will get increased on Friday, Saturday, summer vacation time as well as other Chinese holidays.


Huangshan’s fascinating four wonders and natural beautiful scenery are worthy of using up all the camera film. Try to reach the shooting place half an hour in advance to prepare camera accessories if shooting the sunglow of Huangshan Mountain. Be sure to keep warm, and some high-calorie food and hot water will be helpful. 

Best Shooting Locations on Mount Huangshan

For sunrise: Dawn Pavilion, Refreshing Platform, Lion Peak, Rosy Clouds Peak, Bright Peak Summit, Jade Screen Peak, Lotus Blossom Peak and Heavenly Capital Peak;

For sunset: Refreshing Platform, Refreshing Villa, Rosy Clouds Peak, Bright Peak Summit, Lion Peak;

For sea of clouds: Jade Screen Peak, Refreshing Platform, White Goose Ridge, Cloud Dispersing Tower;

For snowscape: North Sea, West Sea, Sky Sea, Jade Screen. 

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Questions & Answers on Huangshan Mountain Travel Tips
Asked by Pavel from BULGARIA | Feb. 10, 2024 23:57Reply
Dormitory in Huangshan Hotels ?
Hi , I want to spend a night or two in a dormitory but can't find any info at official hotel websites ? Did you know if there are still dormitory rooms or possibilities to rent a tent from mountain hotels ?
Thanks !
Answers (1)
Answered by Lori | Feb. 18, 2024 22:22

There are many hotels for your choice on and down the mountain like Baiyun Hotel which provides three-bed and four-bed rooms. Tent renting service is not available.
Asked by Susan from SINGAPORE | Aug. 10, 2023 17:31Reply
Huangshan Scenic Area Entrance
I understand we need to take their shuttle bus to the cable car stations. May I know how long is the ride there? I am taking Taiping Cable car. Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Alex | Aug. 10, 2023 23:25

It's only about 2 kilometers from Yellow Mountain North Gate to Taiping Cable Car Lower Station, which can be reached by foot. If you prefer the shuttle bus, it takes about 5 minutes for a single ride.
Asked by SaraSmith from UNITED KINGDOM | Nov. 24, 2019 07:07Reply
Travelling by train from Xiamen. Is it best to get a train to the main railway station in Huangshan?
Then once we arrive how do we get to the Yellow Mountains and how long will it take? Are there hotels at the bottom of the mountain that we could stay in for the night and then travel back to Xiamen from?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kate from NEW ZEALAND | Nov. 26, 2019 19:09

You can take high speed train from Xiamen North Railway Station to Huangshan North Railway Station first. After you arriving, there is a Coach station near the train station and you can take direct tourist bus to the scenic area with around 50 minutes. Yes, there are hotels on the peak and people can watch sunrise.
Asked by Lubos from CZECH | Jul. 19, 2019 06:27Reply
I will be arriving at the Huangshan North train station-
Then I take a bus from North Railway Station to Tangkou.
How do I reach the Huangsham Linxi First Tower Inn?
Is in a walking distance?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hanson from USA | Jul. 21, 2019 20:50

Yes, the distance is around 1.8km. You can walk or just take a taxi to the destination.
Asked by LinNa from CHINA | Mar. 11, 2019 19:08Reply
I want to ask how to find cheap dormitory in Huangshan? Not in the city, but in the mountains.
I checked Bei Hai Hotel and Xi Ai Hotel but I can't find cheap dormitory bed in their offer.
So if I will not find something cheap in the mountains to sleep is it worthy to start hiking in the morning and in the evening come back to the city and second day the same way? How long does it take to get from city to the Scenic Area?
Answers (1)
Answered by Tyler from FINLAND | Mar. 18, 2019 01:37

Well, the prices of hotels inside the mountain area usually are expensive. Thus you are suggested to find a hotel in Tangkou Town in the evening and second day to start hiking in the morning. Tangkou Town is close to the scenic area.
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