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High/Low Temperatures of Huangshan
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Huangshan
Average Temperatures of Huangshan
Average Temperatures Graph for Huangshan
Average Rainfall of Huangshan
Average Rainfall Graph for Huangshan

Huangshan Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Located in the subtropics, Huangshan has a wet mild monsoon climate. Heaviest rainfall occurs from May to August; average annual temperature ranges from 15C (59F)-16C (60.8F). Most areas are free of severe winter cold. The comfortable weather affords good opportunities to travel throughout the year in the city and its stunning environs.

Visitors come there mostly for the stunning sights on Mt. Huangshan, so the marine-like weather on the mountain is also a factor for tourists. Temperatures are lower at higher altitudes. From April to June, the climate is rainy, misty and cloudy. It is cool in summer while the average temperature of winter is above 0C (32F). The mountain's variable weather adds a different dimension each season.

Sea of Clouds on Yellow Mountain
Sea of Clouds on Yellow Mountain
Huangshan in Winter
Huangshan in Winter

In April the average temperature on Yellow Mountain is 10C (50F). Flowers, trees and grass emerge, making spring among the best seasons to visit the mountain. With warm humid air from southern parts, it steps into summer. Some places, however, such as Bright Summit Peak and Jade Screen Tower do not get a summer season. After a summer rainstorm, it becomes a world of water and rainbows above a sea of clouds. In the fall, the average temperature is 12.9C (55.22F) in September and 11.7C (53.06F) in October. Many tourists recommend the winter landscapes as the most spectacular. The climate of winter, the longest of the four seasons, is chilly without being severe.

While weather is not a problem, space can be. On May Day and National Day, legal holiday for the whole nation, swarms of people travel to here, putting severe strains on accommodation and restaurants. Tourists are advised to avoid these holidays.

As the temperature is about 10C (50F), lower than in the flat areas, and windy, you are advised to bring a coat even in summer although some hotels do offer overcoat rentals. If you go to visit it in winter, bring warm clothes, preferably fleece or down. It is always wise to check the weather report the day before. For safety reasons during summer thunderstorms visitors are not allowed to hold umbrellas as the wind may catch them and cause falls down the mountain. Raincoats are preferable.

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