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Hui cuisine with more than a hundred year's history is one of the Eight Major Cuisines of China. Hui, unlike others, features wild game. Cooking methods feature braising in soy sauce, stewing and steaming. Originating in Shexian County, Huangshan City, it is strict about choosing materials, and making sure of freshness and tenderness.

Representative Dishes

Mandarin Fish (Chou Guiyu): It features the Mandarin fish from the Xin'an River. After salting, it is braised in soy sauce.

Steaming Shiji: Shiji is a kind of batrachia (frog or toad) living in mountain brooks. The shiji is cooked with a sauce of ham and fungi in the bamboo steamer. The taste is fresh, tender and refreshing.

Stewed Shi'er and Chicken: Shi'er is a kind of fungus steamed with chicken.
Shadi Mati Turtle: It with high nutritive value selects and uses big turtles sauced with ham, stewed in a terrine on a slow fire.

Huizhou Odorous Bean Curd: Odorous bean curd is a tough bean curd following fermenting, the surface of which is a layer of 'hair'. It is fried, braised in soy sauce, steamed and baked. Every style has its own features.

Smelly Mandarin Fish
Smelly Mandarin Fish
Huizhou Odorous Bean Curd
Huangshan Odorous Bean Curd

Recommended Restaurants

 Laojie Diyi Lou (The First on the Ancient Street)
Featuring traditional Hui dishes, Laojie Diyi Lou is one of the most popular ones. With moderate prices and elegant sanitary surroundings, Laojie Diyi Lou is always full of people. Reservations strongly suggested.
Average cost per person: CNY58
Address: No. 247, Tunxi Old Street

 Tunxi Huicai Guan (Tunxi Hui cuisine Restaurant)
Average cost per person: CNY47
Address: Huangshan West Road, Tunxi district

Laojie Diyi Lou Restaurant
Laojie Diyi Lou Restaurant
Hui Cuisine Restaurant
Hui Cuisine Restaurant

 Shilin Grand Hotel
Shilin Grand Hotel offers not only traditional Hui style dishes, but also additional ones created by their excellent cooks. While developing them, Shilin Grand Hotel explored the Shilin Banquet. Any offering will add unique flavors to your tour.
Address: North Sea Sight Spot

 Piyun Hui Fu Cai (Piyun Hui-Cuisine Restaurant)
Piyun Hui Fu Cai provides very genuine Hui dishes. Here, the recommended food includes Taibai Fish Head Soup, Five Spiced Donkey's Meat, Zhuangyuan Tofu in Casserole, Griddle-Cooked String Beans and Cucumber with Sauce. Especially, the mushroom soup is best worth trying.
Average cost per person: CNY100
Address: No.7-9 Binjiang Road East

 Hui Shang Gu Li (Anhui Merchants' Hometown)
Hui Shang Gu Li is decorated very grandly. It offers traditional Anhui food on sale. The dry bean curd, dry bamboo shoot, egg dumplings and salted preserved meat are quite tasty. It is located on the south side of the railway station and is about 64 kilometers from Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area.
Average cost per person: CNY115
Address: No.12 Xianrendong Road, Tunxi District

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Questions & Answers on Huangshan Dining
Asked by Bobby from USA | Jul. 21, 2015 11:47Reply
Will be visiting Huangshan in August 2015. Are there any western or American restaurants? Fast food?
Answers (2)
Answered by Sarah from USA | Jul. 21, 2015 21:40

In the mountain scenic area:Near the entrance in Tangkou, there is KFC, where you can have western fast food there.

In HS City: At Tunxi Laojie, there are McDonald's and Discos.
Answered by BBteh from MALAYSIA | Aug. 05, 2015 03:57

There is a KFC near Laojie, a few doors away from Bank of China
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