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This city gains its name from the famous Mt. Huangshan. At the foot of the mountain, lies the beautiful mountain town - Tunxi, which is famous for its ancient street. Xidi and Hongcun in Yixian County around the city are reputed as "A Living Ancient Residential Museum" and were listed as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO in 2000. Detailed information about Huangshan Travel Guide

Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is the name of the 72 peaks mountain range lying in the south of Anhui province. It is famous for its spectacular rocky peaks, oddly shaped pines, crystal-clear mountain springs and the sea of clouds.

Tunxi Ancient Street is in Tunxi City, at the foot of Mt. Huangshan. The street starts in the west at Zhenhai Bridge, a stone arch bridge built during the Ming Dynasty, and ends in the east at the "Tablet of Memorial Archways."

Hongcun, an ancient village not far from Yellow Mountain, preserves many old style folk residences with white walls and grey tiles. The Moon Pond inside the village with the clear reflections of the residences are very worth visiting.

Xidi Ancient Village, 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of the famous Yellow Mountain, is famous for the traditional folk residences of Ming (1368 - 1644) and Qing (1644 - 1911) style, and reputed as “A Living Ancient Residential Museum”.

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Asked by Rajan from INDIA | Mar. 09, 2016 08:04Reply
From Huangshan to Wuyuan
Hi, We are planning to make a day trip to Wuyuan in March (around 30th or 31st). Can you pls advice,
1. Is it right time to see rape seed flowers in Wuyuan.
2. Mode of transportation from HS to Wuyuan. If we hire a taxi or a private cab, how much will it be?
3. Best scenic places to visit in Wuyuan.

Also is there any options for Vegan food in HS?

Thanks & Regards Rajan
Answers (2)
Answered by Ms. Wang from CHINA | Mar. 09, 2016 21:15

1. The time is right. Rape seed flowers generally bloom from the early March to the end of April;
2. There is only two buses from HS Tunxi Bus Station to Wuyuan. I suggest you to take a high speed train from HS North Railway Station to Wuyuan. There are 13 trains a day and the trip only takes 22min. The ticket for a hard seat is CNY 35.
3. Wuyuan is famous for its countryside scenery. Besides the rape flowers, Likeng Village, Jiangwan Village, Rainbow Bridge, and Moon Bay are also very beautiful.
Hope you enjoy your staying there!
Answered by Rajan from INDIA | Mar. 10, 2016 01:55

Hi Ms. Wang, Thanks
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