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Our Yangtze River Cruises offer you a great chance to relax. At the same time you can experience Chinese culture first hand by discovering the stunning Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the ancient Shennong Stream, and two world famous construction sites - the Three Gorges Dam Project and the Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project. Detailed information about Yangtze River Travel Guide
Qutang Gorge, which is like a lock, is famous for its steep majestic cliffs on both banks of the narrow stretch of water. It is the most dangerous and shortest of the three gorges on the Yangtze River.

Shennong Stream is a tributary of the Yangtze River. The crystal clear steam flows swiftly from north to south through deep gorges, and a sampan tour will allow you to experience a speedy adventure along this newly opened unspoiled river.

Wu Gorge is well-known for its deep valley and the elegant beauty of its forest-covered peaks. The twelve peaks of Wu Mountain lie at both banks of the gorge among which the Goddess Peak shrouded in mist, is the most attractive.

Three Gorges - Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge - are known as the highlight of any Yangtze cruise. Xiling Gorge, the final gorge, is relatively broad, but the river current here is the most turbulent.

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