Yangtze Cruise Tips

Yangtze Cruise Map
Yangtze Cruise Map
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Is this the first time you are going on a Yangtze cruise rather than a 'normal' vacation and you want to know if you like it? What is the cruise experience like? Am I the right person who is adaptive to a cruise? You are in the right place to find anything you need to know before you make decision.

We have assembled most practical planning tips for Yangtze cruise travelers. You can find information and suggestions about Cruise Preparation, Choose an Itinerary and On Board Experience.

Never Cruised Before

If you never had a cruise along the Yangtze River but would like to get one, there are some advices on choosing and booking a Yangzte cruise vacation to share, which can help you a lot. It is quite sure that attractions on the river bank, shore excursions and ship activities and service are all important aspects to consider.

Spring and autumn are the most favorable seasons to make a Yangzte River cruise. Average temperatures of cities, clothing tips at daytime and nights, packing smarts and cash money on board should be considered. In addition, tips on health care, reminding of proper documents, ticket fares and staterooms for family with kids on ships and even pets are included here.

We offer the most popular itineraries for your reference. These plans follow the itineraries passing the major port cities along the Yangtze, including Chongqing, Yichang, Wuhan and Jingzhou. You can choose an upstream or a downstream cruise according to your travel plan.

On-Board Experience

All events, however small, are given to assure you a pleasant experience on board. Here we offer detailed introduction to categories of Yangtze ship decks and cabins. Dining and entertainment facilities on board are satisfying. Information on the cruise cost is available including the general cost and extra expenses on special items on board such as the secretarial services and facilities to stay in touch with your friends or families. Additionally you should pay high attention to our tips for security, luggage and valuables.

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