Choosing & Booking a Yangtze Cruise Vacation

Are you the type of person that would go on a Yangtze cruise?

A Yangtze cruise is something that can appeal to all sorts of people; from families to couples to singles. For singles who travel alone, most ships hold parties to make it easy to meet people. For families with kids, many ships provide various activities such as sport, video games and swimming pools. Also in many cases, itineraries offer reduced fares for children. For couples, newlyweds and friends, a cruise is an opportunity to get together for a special occasions like a honeymoon, birthday or anniversary. Also, if you want an adventure, shore excursions like drifting along Shennong Stream and the Three Little Gorges would be unforgettable! So come and join us now!

All passengers must insure that they are medically and physically fit for travel. Any condition requiring medical attention must be reported to a cruise specialist in writing when the booking is requested. For details please read our Health notes.

How to choose your travel plan?

You have to bear five things in mind when you are making a decision about a Yangtze cruise: Where, When, Which, How Long and How Much.

 Where? - Where do you want to go?
For visitors who want to explore China on their cruise, we recommend two packages: the "Yangtze Cruise Package" allows you to visit major cities and the Three Gorges. This package includes important metropolitan areas like Chonging, Yichang, Wuhan and Shanghai. The "Splendid Yangtze Tour" extends your Yangtze River cruise to include other Chinese cities such as Beijing, Xi'an, Tibet, Guilin and Kunming. Before you decide, be sure that you get to know what shore excursions and stops a cruise has.

 When? - When do I want to go?
Keep in mind cruises aren't very popular on the Yangtze River between December and March. If you are a first-timer and want to know the best time to go, you have to get to know climate and clothing requirements for that region.

Once you have decided when to take your cruise, the next step is to arrange your itinerary including your flights, departure time and cruising date. If you have purchased a plan with transportation included, the only thing you need to do is to confirm your flights and then our representative will escort you to the bus or motor coach that will take you to the pier. If you have not purchased transportation you are responsible for getting to the ship. In either case, you should make sure that the sailing date you choose for your cruise properly matches the date of your arrival. The "transport included" plan is more convenient but you may find yourself more confined to a scheduled departure time. For plans like this we recommend you inform your travel agent of your preferred arrival sailing dates before you purchase the plan. Currently, all our tour plans have the transportation arrangements included. For "transport excluded" arrangements, please visit our cruise-by date.

 Which - Which ship/plan should you choose?
A more ideal way of seeing the Three Gorges is to book on one of the many ships catering mainly to foreign tour groups. If you are a brand-loyal and have a special taste for the ships of a certain company (i.e. Most Americans prefer Victoria Cruise Inc), you can visit our Yangtze River Fleets to choose a ship and check its sailing schedule and itinerary. While you are there, you can also learn about our elaborately designed Package and Tour Plans. If you find any itinerary unavailable in our Package and Tour gallery, do not hesitate to let us know. Our specialists are ready 24/7 to customize plans on demand.

Your next step is to choose which route you want to take. The ports to stop, the excursions to hop and the time to stay vary with the different routes you choose. For example, Regal China's downstream cruise takes 4 days with stops at Wuhan, Sandouping, Wushan, Wanxian, and Chongqing while its upstream cruise needs 6 days and makes stops at Chonqing, Fengdu, Badong, Sandouping, and Wuhan. Before you make your choice, glance at the following tips. Downstream and upstream, Choosing a cruise plan, Cruise season.

 How long?
You may choose our 4, 5 or 6 day getaway or sail on a 10, 14, 18 day or longer cruise. The longer lines usually combined with other major metropolitans in China.

 How much?
We have earned a good reputation by constantly striving to deliver the customer a package that takes into consideration their needs, wants, dreams and desires at a price that represents exceptional value. Our specialists are trained to cater to your demands. We have special offers for a groups of 6 or more. We also offer packages for small groups to allow for comfort, flexibility and special care.

Do's and don'ts before booking a Yangtze cruise vacation

We strongly recommended that you book your tour well in advance in order to ensure that you will get the exact the ship, cabin and sail date which you want.

All prices are based on per person double occupancy, therefore, traveling with a friend or is strongly recommended, since single cabins are limited on ship.

For safety reason, we do not recommend to book your cruise thru small agency on your arrival to Chongqing or Wuhan since high rates may also be charged.

Please have the following information ready before you make your reservation: names, birth dates, nationality and country of origin for each guest.

If you have decided to go for a cruise, you are at the right place to know the Yangtze shore excursions and ship activities prior to your departure. Additionally, we offer things to know anout Yangtze cruise preparation, how to choose a Yangtze cruise itinerary and cruise cost for your reference.

- Last updated on Aug. 14, 2019 -
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