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B-111: 13 Days China Tour to Guangzhou Huangshan - Hangzhou - Wuzhen - Shanghai
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Day 1 Arrival in Guangzhou
Upon arrival at Baiyun International Airport, you may find your way to the pre-booked hotel. TravelChinaGuide suggests you the 4-star President Hotel, located 140 yards west of Gangding Subway Station of line 3. You can take subway line 3 from Airport South to Gangding with a transfer at West Tiyu Road Station; you don't need to get out of the station but board the train again on the other side of the platform. Use Exit C and walk westwards to find the hotel. You may also take a taxi from the airport directly, which costs around CNY130 and takes about one hour. Please have a good rest at the hotel in the remainder time of the day to get your strength back from the long air journey and prepare for your following 13 days China tour package. Or you can walk around to get familiar with the neighborhood generally.

Accommodation Suggestion: President Hotel
Day 2 Guangzhou
Local people playing music in Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou
We advise you start your Guangzhou Huangshan Shanghai tour in Guangzhou with the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. You can cross the road and take bus b3, b4, or b4a on the opposite of your hotel to Zhongshan Ji'niantang. When alighted, enter the memorial hall from its southern gate. After the visit, exit from the northern gate and you will find the Yuexiu Park right across the road.

At lunch time, you may come out of the park from the western gate and have a taste of the local food on the North Jiefang Road. Then continue your visit to the Museum of the Western Han Dynasty Mausoleum of the Nanyue King, directly facing the western gate of the Yuexiu Park. Usually, 40 minutes are enough for a visit. After that, you may hail a taxi back to your hotel with a fare of CNY30, or take subway line 2 from Yuexiu Park Station to Haizhu Square and spend some time on the square, the nearby Yide Road, and Beijing Road Pedestrian Street to the east.

In the evening, the enchanting night scene along the Pearl River should not be missed. You may take a Pearl River Night Cruise at Tianzi Wharf, which is about 5 minutes' walking east of the Exit A of Haizhu Square Subway Station. After viewing the splendid scenery, take a taxi back to your hotel at a cost of CNY25.
Day 3 Guangzhou - Huangshan
Night view of Pearl River
Our suggestions for today are the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family and Shamian Island. In the evening, you will take a plane to Huangshan, the second destination of your Guangzhou Huangshan Shanghai tour package, and you are supposed to book the air tickets in advance. Usually, the tickets in travel peak seasons are in great demand, so you are suggested to book the tickets with TravelChinaGuide as early as possible to have a better discount.

Please check out of the hotel after breakfast and leave your luggage at the front desk. Walk to Gangding Subway Station and take line 3 to West Tiyu Road, where you can transfer to line 1; use Exit D of Chen Clan Academy Station and you will see the old building in front of you.

After the visiting, you may take subway line 1, via two stops, to Huangsha. Leave from Exit F and go across the overpass, there is a bridge leading to the Shamian Island, which is a perfect place to relax.

When the visit is over, you can go back to Huangsha Subway Station to take line 1 to Gangding of line 3, with a transfer at West Tiyu Road, and then walk back to your hotel to collect the luggage. Or, you can take a direct taxi to your hotel in 35 minutes with a fare of CNY40. Then, take subway line 3 from Gangding to Airport South Station to catch your flight. Passengers taking domestic flights are required to get to the airport at least two hours in advance. Thus, we advise you head back to your hotel about three hours ahead of your flight's departure time.

Upon arrival in Huangshan, please check into a hotel. We recommend you the 4-star Xin'an Country Villa Hotel on Huashan Road. Taking a taxi is the easiest way to reach the hotel, and the taxi fare is around CNY20. It takes about 10-15 minutes on the way.

Accommodation Suggestion: Xin'an Country Villa Hotel
Day 4 Huangshan
Tangyue Memorial Archways
Our suggested backpacking China itinerary for today is to visit Huashan Mysterious Grottoes and Tangyue Memorial Archway in the morning and explore the Shexian County in the afternoon. Please have enough breakfast in the hotel, since you may have to spend a long time for the morning's visiting. You may take a taxi to go directly to Huashan at a cost of CNY35. The recommended time for a visit is around two hours.

As there is no direct bus from Huashan Mysterious Grottoes to Tangyue Memorial Archway, you are advised to take a taxi to get there in 30 minutes at a cost of CNY45. Shexian County is 3 miles east of Tangyue Archway and can be accessed by bus no. 2. Take that bus and get off at Huizhou Fuya, then you can start your exploration of the Huizhou Ancient City, which used to be the local government of Shexian County in old times. Strolling around the old city, you can admire Hui-style buildings and delve into the history of this place. There are also many snack workshops along the quaint flagstone lanes. You can feast yourself with delicious cuisines in lunch time.

On your return, you may take bus no. 4 from Hui Garden to Shexian County Bus Station. There, you can get on a direct bus back to Huangshan Tunxi Bus Station. When arriving in Huangshan, take a taxi to your hotel with a fare of CNY7.

For your convenience and to smooth your trip, you can also hire a car to complete the whole day's tour. The rent charges around CNY500-600 per day.

You will make a trip to the Yellow Mountain the following morning and stay overnight at the 4-star Baiyun Hotel on the mountain. Tonight, please pack up your luggage, and prepare some necessities for one night's stay on the mountain.
Day 5 Huangshan
Yellow Mountain
Please check out of the hotel and store your heavy luggage at the reception desk after breakfast. Take the requisites along with you to start today's tour. As it is an energy-consuming trip of your 13 days China tour package, it is advised you take some snacks as well. Take a taxi to Huangshan Tunxi Bus Station. There are buses to the Yellow Mountain every 20 minutes from 6:00 to 17:30. The bus ticket is around CNY20 per person, and the journey should take around 70 minutes. When you arrive at the scenic area, please buy a tourist map and follow the route below to visit the mountain: Entry Gate (Tangkou) –> Yungu Temple –> White Goose Range -> Black Tiger Pine –> Bright Summit Peak -> Falling Rock from Sky -> Tianhai -> Baiyun Hotel (check in)–> Turtle Peak –> Ladder on the Clouds–> Guest Greeting Pine –> Three Islands at Penglai –> Mid-Level Temple – Stand Horse Bridge -> Mercy Light Temple -> Jade Screen Pavilion - > Lotus Peak (sunset) –> Baiyun Hotel.

Please note that you have to take the shuttle bus from the Tourist Dispatch Center near the entry to Yungu Temple, which takes about 30 minutes and costs CNY19 per person. Then the cable car of Yungu Temple-White Goose Range and Mercy Light Temple - Jade Screen Pavilion charges CNY80 per person for a single way.

Viewing the sunrise on Bright Summit Peak is a must for every backpacking traveler. To enjoy the most spectacular scene of the sunrise, you have to get up at around 4:00 the next morning, so please go to bed early and have a good rest for next day's tour.

Accommodation Suggestion: Baiyun Hotel
Day 6 Huangshan
After getting up at 4:00, you may have a quick wash and head to the Bright Summit Peak to wait for the sunrise. It is very cold on the top of the peak then, so please wear warm clothing. Afterwards, you may pay a visit to the nearby spots or head back to the hotel to get more sleep. Check out of the hotel before 12:00 and descend the mountain after lunch on foot or by the cable car from White Goose Range or Jade Screen Pavilion. Take a bus at the Tourist Dispatch Center back to Huangshan Tunxi Bus Station, and then take a taxi back to your hotel. Check in again and have a rest. Then walk southward along the Huashan Road for 15-20 minutes, you will arrive at the Tunxi Ancient Street. Explore the street and have dinner before getting back to your hotel on foot or by taxi.
Day 7 Huangshan - Hangzhou
West Lake, Hangzhou
You are advised to take a bus to Hangzhou today. The bus ticket is CNY90 per person and can be bought when you arrive at the station or booked through your hotel in advance. Please check out after breakfast and take a taxi to Huangshan Tunxi Bus Station. Get on the bus to Hangzhou by following the broadcast. The bus journey takes about 3.5 hours. Upon arrival at Hangzhou West Bus Station, please find a hotel for rest. You are recommended the 4-star SSAW Hotels, which is about 630 yards east of the West Lake Scenic Area. You can take a taxi to the hotel directly and the taxi charge is around CNY30.

Accommodation Suggestion: SSAW Hotel
Day 8 Hangzhou
The highlight of your Guangzhou Huangshan Shanghai tour package in Hangzhou is, of course, the West Lake. You may walk westward along Jiefang Road to the lake within 10 minutes. The lake is very large, so we advise you buy a map at the entry and visit the scenic spots selectively according to your personal interest. You may also take a battery car at a cost of CNY40 to have a complete visit to the scenic spots around the lake. The battery car can stop anywhere for passengers to get on and get off. But once you alighted, you need to pay for boarding again.

Nanshan Road, lying on the eastern and southern banks of the West Lake, is your next stop. Historical buildings, teahouses, coffee shops, characteristics restaurants, art shops are lined on both sides of the road. You may have lunch in one of the restaurants, and then walk north while enjoying the historic attractions aside. You may end up at the joint of Nanshan Road and Xihu Avenue, go eastwards along the avenue until you see a quaint Drum Tower. Go through the tower and keep walking for 770 yards, you will get to the Qinghefang Ancient Street to feel the city's prosperity in old times.

Too much walking for today, so we advise you take a taxi back to your hotel in the end. The taxi fee is around CNY10.
Day 9 Hangzhou
Qinghefang Ancient Street
You just had a general visit to the tourist attractions surrounding the West Lake the previous day. Today we suggest you have a visit to Lingyin Temple, Peak Flown From Afar, and Six Harmonies Pagoda. Please walk west to the Hubin Bus Stop at the western end of the Jiefang Road, take bus no. 7, via 11 stops, to Lingyin Stop, and you will see the Lingyin Temple on your left. The Peak Flown from Afar is the highlight in the temple for its well-preserved cliffside sculptures.

Before heading for Six Harmonies Pagoda, you can have some food near the temple. Then take a taxi to the pagoda at a cost of CNY20. Standing on the pagoda, the grand Qiantang River will be in full view. Leaving the Six Harmonies Pagoda, you may also make a visit to the Chinese Ancient Pagoda Exhibition Garden aside, which is a galaxy of all the well-known pagodas throughout China. For return trip, you can walk to the Zhijiang Road and take bus no. 308 to Guanxiangkou, and the hotel is on the opposite side of the road.
Day 10 Hangzhou – Wuzhen - Shanghai
Wuzhen Water Town
Besides West Lake, the nearby Wuzhen Water Town is also a must for your 13 days China tour. Since you will head to Shanghai in the afternoon, please check out of the hotel after breakfast and take your entire luggage along with you when leaving the hotel. Take a taxi to Passenger Transportation Center for a fare of CNY50. Buses from Hangzhou to Wuzhen operate every 20-25 minutes from 7:00 to 18:20 and the bus ticket is CNY31 per person. You will arrive at Wuzhen in around 1.5 hours. Upon arrival, go northward along Zhicai Road for 680 yards to Wuzhen Water Town. Deposit your belongings at the left-luggage office at the entrance.

After the visit, take a long-distance bus at Wuzhen Bus Station to Shanghai. Please notice that the last bus departs from Wuzhen at 18:30. The bus ticket is CNY54 and you will spend less than 3 hours on the way.

Upon arrival at Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station, check in a local hotel. We recommend you Shanghai Bund Riverside Hotel, which is in the middle of Tiantong Road and East Nanjing Road Subway Stations. Walk towards Shanghai South Railway Station when you get out of the Long-Distance Bus Station, take subway line 3 to Hongqiao Road, where you can transfer to line 10; get off at East Nanjing Road and use Exit 6. Walk northwards for 340 yards and turn west onto East Beijing Road; walk for another 130 yards and you will see the hotel on your right. You may also take a taxi straight to the hotel at a cost of CNY50.

Accommodation Suggestion: Shanghai Bund Riverside Hotel
Day 11 Shanghai
Your self-guided 13 days China tour in Shanghai starts today. The first stop is recommended to be the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. You can walk to East Nanjing Road Subway Station to take line 2 for one stop to People's Square; leave from Exit 2 or 3 and you will see the exhibition hall.

After that, still take subway line 2 at People's Square to Lujiazui; get out from Exit 6 and you will see the skyscraper of the Shanghai World Financial Center along with Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai Tower in front of you. F94 to F100 of the SWFC are sightseeing areas for you to have a full view of Shanghai. Make sure you not miss the chance to walk on the transparent viewing bridge on the F97. Seen through the bridge, the towering buildings are all under your feet and the sky seems to be touchable. It should be an unforgettable memory. There are many decent restaurants in this building; you can have lunch in one of them.

Then, please walk south along Dongtai Road for 270 yards and then turn west onto Dongchang Road. You can take a ferry to cruise across the Huangpu River at the end of Dongchang Road. You will land at the Bund Area, where many western buildings of the 1920s are clustered. The nearby East Nanjing Road is one of the famous shopping districts in Shanghai, dotted with dazzling malls and local restaurants. You will have a good night there. Afterwards, take a taxi back to your hotel at a cost of CNY20.
Day 12 Shanghai
The Bund, Shanghai
Today, you still have a whole day to further explore Shanghai City. We recommend you Yu Garden, Xin Tian Di, and Tianzifang. After breakfast, take a taxi to Yuyuan Garden at a cost of CNY15. The nearby Old City God Temple and Shanghai Old Street are also recommended. There are many traditional workshops and snack shops along the Old Street. You can pamper your stomach in one of the restaurants.

After that, you may walk northwards from the western end of the Old Street to take subway line 10 from Yuyuan Station to Xintiandi; get out from Exit 2 and walk north along South Huangpi Road to begin your visit to Xin Tian Di. Here, you can see clustered towering modern buildings as well as distinctive old Shikumen residences. If you want to know more about the past of Shanghai, you should not miss the old block of Tianzifang. Besides the local Shikumen houses, the thick cultural atmosphere will immerse you in the unique charm of this city. You can also take a taxi from Xin Tian Di to Tianzifang and the taxi fare charges CNY15.

When today's tour is over, hail a taxi to your hotel at a cost of CNY25.
Day 13 Departure from Shanghai
Your memorable Guangzhou Huangshan Shanghai tour draws to an end. Please check out after the breakfast. Take a taxi to the airport and board your onward flight. If you are planning to proceed to the neighboring Suzhou or other cities, please refer to our independent tour B-107A.
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If the above route does not meet your requirements, you could DIY an itinerary by choosing daily guided tours, free days, hotels, trains and/or flights freely. Our estimated quotation can be a reference for your independent travel.
Questions & Answers
Asked by osama from EGYPT | Apr. 05, 2017 00:51Reply
traveling from city to city
how can travel from hangzhou to chongqing, from chongqing to kunming, from kunming to shanghai if i don't want to use flight or also the train which takes long time, is there a bus, if yes how long is the trip, also if there is no bus what is the fastest train and how long the trip?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sharon | Apr. 05, 2017 20:08

It is not suggested to take bus between these cities as the transfer is very long and the bus fare is not cheap. You may take bullet train from Hangzhou to Chongqing and the train ride takes around 12.5 hours. From Chongqing to Kunming, there are normal trains which takes about 18 hours. And the high speed train from Kunming to Shanghai takes around 12 hours.
Asked by osama from EGYPT | Apr. 03, 2017 09:12Reply
best for shopping
I will visit hangzhou, chongqing, kunming, and shanghai which one of those cities is the best for shopping?
Answers (1)
Answered by Maria | Apr. 04, 2017 22:39

It depends on what items you would like to purchase. There are department stores and big shopping malls in these cities. If you want to buy silk, Shanghai and Hangzhou are recommended. In Chongqing, you can go to Jiefangbei for shopping as it is the central business district of the city. For Shanghai, there are various shopping streets, among which the Nanjing Road is the most famous for tourists. Besides, Huaihai Road, Xujiahui Shopping Center, Yuyuan Shopping City are all popular places for shopping.
Asked by JAKAYE71203 | Apr. 27, 2016 20:03Reply
Bus from Qiandao Lake Resort to Huangshan
I plan on staying at the Hilton Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Resort with my family in November. Will I be able to catch a bus to Huangshan from my hotel? What would be the best route to go (which side of the mountain?) Should I stay at a local hotel for a couple of days in Huangshan?
Answers (1)
Answered by Eric | Apr. 27, 2016 21:52

You can take bus at Chun An Bus Station from Qiandao Lake to Huangshan city. The bus is available at around noon. Or, you may take ferry from Chun An to Shen Du(3 hours), then change bus or taxi to get to Huangshan. You are suggested to take Yungu cable car, then climb the mountain and stay overnight to see sunset or sunrise, take cable car down the mountain next day.
Asked by Mery from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 13, 2015 05:14Reply
Recommendation for visiting China
Guangzhou to meizhou from 10-12 may
13 may from mezhou to huangshan and beijing
16 may back to indonesia
Please advise the best option
I am independent traveller
Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Linda | Apr. 14, 2015 01:41

Do you mean the option of transport tools? If so, here are recommendations:
Guangzhou-Meizhou: Trains are recommended for they are safer and more confortable than buses, and cheaper than flights. There are four departures per day and duration is about 5.5-6 hours.
Meizhou-Huangshan: There is no direct transport. I'm afraid you need to go back to GZ, then take a flight or train to Huangshan (Flight is recommended due to the long travel distance).
Huangshan-Beijing: You can travel by train (20hours) or flight (2 hours).
After the visit in China, you can take a flight from Beijing back to your country.
Have fun~
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