Yan Jian Rou (Chili Pork)

Chinese name: 盐煎肉 (yán jiān ròu)
Style: Sichuan Cuisine
Characteristics: Yan Jian Rou is bright in color and tastes salty, fresh and a little bit spicy. The pork slices are crispy and delicious.

As a representative of Sichuan home-style dishes, Yan Jian Rou, aka Chili Pork, is considered the sister dish of Twice Cooked Pork because of their similar ingredients, taste and appearance. Both of them are good choices to eat with rice or wine. Besides, the two have a simple cooking method.

Yan Jian Rou is nutritious: pork is highly nutritive, containing protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus and iron;lean pork is particularly recommended for its iron content; garlic sprouts containabundantvitamin C, protein andcarotene. The recipe below shows the dish's typical cooking method.

Recipe of Making Yan Jian Rou


garlic sprouts

Tips: Sweet peppers, onions or garlic bolts can be used to replace the garlic sprouts.
Ingredients of Fried Pork with Salted Pepper


cooking oil, broad bean paste, fermented soy beans, ginger, white sugar

Note: The amounts seasonings listed above can be appropriately adjusted according to one's personal taste.
Seasonings of Fried Pork with Salt Pepper


1. Remove the skin of the pork. Clean and cut the pork into slices with a length of about 5cm and a width of 3cm.
2. Cut the garlic sprouts into 3cm sections.
3. Chop the broad bean paste and slice the ginger.
Preparation for Fried Pork with Salted Pepper



Heat a wok and pour in cooking oil. When the oil smokes, add in the pork slices and fry over high heat for 1-2min. Add the ginger to mix with the pork.

Stir-fry the Pork Slices

Push the pork aside. Switch to low fire and add the broad bean paste and fermented soy beans. Stir-fry for 10-20sec and mix with the pork.

Season the Pork Slices

Add in the garlic sprouts and fry over high heat for 30sec or so. Sprinkle some white sugar and thoroughly combine with other ingredients. Turn off the heat.

Stir-fry Pork Slices and Garlic Sprouts Sections

This dish is now cooked. Serve onto a porcelain plate.

Yan Jian Rou (Chili Pork)

Tips on Food Interactions:

1. Don’t have milk and lean pork together. The former has rich calcium, while the latter contains phosphorus. The two elements cannot be taken in at the same time.
2. After eating the pork, don’t drink much tea. Otherwise, the function of intestines can be affected more or less which may result in constipation.

Who can eat Yan Jian Rou (Chili Pork)?

1. Generally, all people can eat the dish, but having too much of it will lead to fat accumulation, even obesity. Therefore, peoplewatching their figure should control their consumption.
2. The dish is a recommendation for those who suffer from anaemia, dry bound stool and malnutrition.

What are the differences between Chili Pork and Twice Cooked Pork?

Although the ingredients and seasonings are almost the same, their tastes are different due to different cooking methods.


Twive Cooked Pork Chili Pork
Pork With skin; with more fat meat Without skin; with more lean meat
Cooking Method Being boiled first then fried Directly being fried
Taste A little fat A little dry

Our Guests Attending Cooking Class
  • Our Guests Having Cooking Class

    Our Guests Having Cooking Class

    Mr. Joseph, Ms. Denise, Mr. Dominick, Mr. Jeffrey and Mr. Yu from the US, and other guests from Portugal and Cambodia joined a family tour specially arranged by TravelChinaGuide and had a good time there with the hostess. They learnt from her to make dumplings and leant to cook a Sichuan dish - Yan Jian Rou (Chili Pork). They shared with us that this visit was their first time to step into a Chinese family, and the hostess was friendly and skilled in cooking.

  • Mr. & Nrs. Genden at the Dining Table of a Chinese Family

    Mr & Nrs. Genden at the Dining Table of a Chinese Family

    Mr. Michael & Ms. Kathryn from USA had a wonderful time during the family tour in Xi'an through an on-the-spot Chinese food cooking class by the hostess. Though they only booked to learn to cook only one dish - Yan Jian Rou, the hospitable hostess prepared many other home-style dishes for them including the dumplings. Anne said at the table that it was fascinating to see how Ms. Shi prepared the ingredients and how the kitchen in a regular Chinese apartment was like.

    See details at Mr. Michael' feedback and Video
  • Mr.Javier Jimenez & Ms. Veronica Lorraine Jimenez Having Dinner in a Local Family

    Mr.Javier & Ms. Veronica Having Dinner in a Local Family

    Mr.Javier & Ms.Veronica from USA paid a visit to a typical local family in Xi'an under the arrangement by Travelchinaguide. When they arrived, the hostess had prepared more than enough to welcome the visitors from far away, including fruits, candies, drinks as well as cooking materials. The virtuous hostess also taught Ms.Veronica to learn to cook her specialty dish Yan Jian Rou step by step.

    See details at Mr. Javier's feedback

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