Scrambled Egg with Green Pepper

Chinese name: 青椒炒鸡蛋 (qīng jiāo chǎo jī dàn)
Characteristics: With the main ingredients of egg and green pepper, this dish is visually attractive and has a lovely fragrance.

Being a famous Han Chinese dish, Scrambled Eggs with Green Peppers is suitable for all ages and has been one of the most famous home-style dishes in China. It is very popular with the working class due to its high nutrition value and simple cooking recipe. Eggs, which are protein- and fat-rich, help with cell growth and are therefore a must-eat for children; while green peppers, with their various vitamins, have sterilization and warming functions.



4 green peppers, 260g in total;
two eggs;
half to one small red pepper;
green onion.



cooking oil; salt; cooking wine

Note: Ingredients and seasonings amounts can be adapted according to personal taste.



1. Crack eggs into a bowl or a small basin. Add a little salt and cooking wine. Stir and mix thoroughly.
2. Clean the red and green peppers. Remove their seeds and cut into strips. Place them onto a plate.
3. Clean the green onions and chop them into small pieces.




Place a wok over high heat. Add some cooking oil and heat to 70-80 degrees centigrade (158-176 degrees Fahrenheit). Add the egg mixture and fry it until both sides turn golden.


Turn off the heat. Cut the egg into chunks with cooking ladle. Pour them out and keep onto a plate.


Add some cooking oil into the wok and stir to coat the sides. Turn on the heat until the oil is hot. Add in green onion for 20-30 seconds until the fragrance develops. Then add red and green peppers and then a little salt. Stir to fry them for 20-30 seconds until well cooked.

Adding Peppers

Pour into the egg chunks. Stir and mix all ingredients well. Place the mixture onto a plate.

Now the Scrambled Egg with Green Pepper is ready. Green and yellow, it tastes very delicious!

Green Pepper Scrambled Eggs


Nutrition Value:

Green peppers help to keep warm and ease pain. It is said that the capsaicin they contain is an antioxidant that can protect people from cancer. But consuming too much could hurt your stomach. Egg has high content of protein, fat, vitamin and other beneficial mineral elements. These are good for body building and improving people’s memory as well as breaking carcinogenic substances.

Tips on Food Interactions:

Egg + Tea or Soybean Milk: influencing the intake of protein;
Egg + Sweet Potato: resulting in stomachache;
Egg + Persimmon: causing diarrhea.
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