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Heatwave and Rainstorm Hit China & Travel Tips in Summer

Published: Jul. 22, 2014

Traveling to China in summer time is the choice of most people, as you can see beautiful scenery everywhere and won’t be bothered by heavy winter clothes that take most room in your suitcases. But there are problems sometimes. This summer, the country has experienced extreme weather. Heatwave hits cities in northern and central areas, while No.10 typhoon Matmo has brought severe rainstorm to northeast coastal areas, Sichuan and Yunnan. According to the latest China weather forecast from National Meteorological Centre, the extreme weather will continue in the following ten days. Bad weather will cause troubles to your trip if you do not make early preparation. Here Travel China Guide would like to provide some useful tips for you to avoid any possible troubles.

 The southeast and southwest areas are easily hit by typhoon and rainstorm in summer (June to September). If you plan to travel to these areas:
Check the weather forecast of your destination in advance and follow the forecast closely during your trip. Avoid outing and go for an indoor activity in rainy days.
• Storm and rainstorm could cause delay or cancel of flights and trains, so always check your train or flight schedule before departure.
Take raincoat, umbrella, and waterproof backpacks with you. Your travel documents, such as your passport, train tickets, maps, and a print-out itinerary, should be kept inside waterproof bags.
• If an attraction was closed because of heavy rain or floods, do never try to go there. It would be very dangerous. You are still not suggested to go right after the rain stops, as the renovation to the attraction may not be completed.

 If you are traveling to other cities that have sunny days:
• Take your sunglass, sun cream, a parasol, a hat or anything that can protect your skin from the strong sunlight.
• Always bring yourself a bottle of water. You need to drink much water as your body keeps losing water in hot summer days. Beer and soft drinks may make you feel cooler, but they can not provide the water your body requires.
• Some places in Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet are much cooler than other cities, but you still need to protect your skin from the sunshine, as the ultraviolet ray is stronger due to the high altitude of these regions.
• Prepare some medicine that protects you from heatstroke. If you are traveling with your children, you should pay specially attention to them.

 Apart from weather, you may also consider other factors when planning your China tour:
• Summer vacation for most schools and universities in China begins from end of June to mid September. Railway stations, bus stations, and airports will be very busy during that period, especially from the end of June to early July and the end of August to early September, when the summer holiday begins and ends. Therefore, make early plans and reserve your train tickets and hotel rooms in advance.
• Chinese students and their parents travel a lot during the summer vacation. If you don’t like too many tourists in attractions, try to avoid traveling during this period of time.
• Traveling with “students rush” is not always a bad thing. Most college students can speak English, and it is easy to communicate with them.
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