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China NIA to Launch Online Appointment and Other Service for Expats to Handle Visa Issues

Published: Sep. 27, 2023
Since October 9, 2023, China National Immigration Administration (NIA) will launch online appointment, inquiry and other service for expats planning to extend, renew or reapply visas and other documents in China. All together 8 new functions will be introduced to its official website, s.nia.gov.cn/mps/main.html:

1. Online appointment for foreigners to handle visa issues

Expats will be able to make an appointment on the official website for visa extension, renewal, reissuance and application of China residence permit. One can choose when and which office of China National Immigration Administration, aka China Entry and Exit Administration Office to lodge the application, hence save time queuing in the long lines. 
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2. Online inquiry for the progress of visa issuance

After successful submission, one can inquire, also on the official website, the progress of their visa extension, renewal, reissuance or residence permit application, so as to pick them up in time when ready. 

3. Online inquiry about the visa information

One can inquire on the platform the information of their extended, renewed or reissued visas, as well as residence permits, including expire date, duration of stay and more. 

4. Online inquiry about the China permanent residence permits

One can get more information of their permanent residence permit, if they have one, saving their energy and time to go to the Entry and Exit Office on their own. 

5. Online inquiry about the passport by those holding China permanent residence permits

Those holding China permanent residence permits (China Green Cards), can not only inquire online the information of their passport, but also connect the passport with their permanent residence permit and generate an electrical document, which can be used to deal with tax, bank, and social security issues in China conveniently. 

6. Inquiry about Entry and Exit Offices of China Immigration Administration

Applicants can search for the detailed information of the Entry and Exit Offices of China Immigration Administration, where visa extension, renewal, reissuance and issuance of residence permits are processed. The information including address, office hours, and telephone numbers is listed.  

7. Get guidance for above online service

By reading the guidance, applicants can get to know how to apply for visa extension/ renewal/ reissuance and residence permits, documents required, time needed, fees and more.  

8. Online assistance service

This is mainly for kids, elders and those who have difficulties accessing the official website. Their families or friends could add them as the applicant and help them handle the relevant matters like making appointment, inquiring about the progress of the applications, etc. 

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