Yangshuo Park

Yangshuo Park is located in Yangshuo, covering an area of 230 thousand sq m (271 thousand sq yd). The park has both a big and a small gates. They are carved with the park’s name in Chinese by famous calligraphers. There are plenty of osmanthus trees and bamboos in the park, providing a peaceful and secluded environment for visitors. Double Moon Stream runs through the park and the park is surrounded by marvelous mountains. Many locals do exercise and play Chinese chess in the park.

Yangshuo ParkHere are some recommended sites in Yangshuo Park:

The Unique Mountain (Duxiu Mountain)

The Unique Mountain is located in the east of Yangshuo Park. The mountain looks like a column and the veins on it look like sculptures, so it is called “a jade column reached to the sky”. As the shape of the mountain looks like a bamboo’s root, it is also called “Bamboo Bowl Mountain”. The mountain is 100 meters (328 feet) high, on which you can overlook Yangshuo. The top of the mountain is flat and the cliffs are as steep, as though they have been cut by a knife. The whole mountain is covered with lush vegetation. There is a pavilion on the mountainside called “Free the Crane Pavilion”. According to a legend, an immortal came here by a crane, and then he let the crane fly away after taking a break.

West Boy Mountain (Xilang Mountain)

West Boy Mountain used to be called Screen Mountain as it looks like an unfolded screen. The 100 meters high mountain is located in the south of Yangshuo Park. There are some stone carvings on the mountain left by the ancients. A 10 meters (33 feet) high stone stands on the north side of the mountain which looks like a boy facing the west, hence the name of the mountain is called “West Boy”. People consider the mountain the twin brother of the East Boy Mountain located in the east of Yangshuo. Beside the “West Boy” is a hexagonal pavilion called “Meeting-Immortal Pavilion”. According to legend, all immortals admired the scenery of Yangshuo, and they often came and enjoyed the vision with “West Boy”.

Spiritual Bell Mountain and Green Lotus Caves

Green Lotus Cave is in the Spiritual Bell Mountain. The mountain looks like a bell and there is a stone bell in the cave; besides, people believe many immortals practice in the cave, therefore the mountain is called Spiritual Bell Mountain. There are more than 20 limestone caves in the mountain and they are linked together. Hundreds of stone lotuses are in the caves which explain the name of the caves. The local people call them “Dragon Caves”, because they believe that there are 9 fairy dragons in the caves.

Spring Buds Garden

Spring Buds Garden is located at the northern foot of Spiritual Bell Mountain in Yangshuo Park. The gate is in ancient style and the plaque reads the Chinese name of the garden. A pool is in the center of the garden, the main building is a conjoined hexagonal pavilion next to the pool. The hexagonal pavilion is named “Proclaim Spring” with corridors in both sides. The garden is filled with plenty of orchids, bamboos and bonsais.

How to get to Yangshuo Park

1. Take Yangshuo Bus 803, 805 or 806 to Yangshuo Park and you will see the park.
2. Yangshuo is not large and visitors can take a bike to reach almost all the scenic sites, including Yangshuo Park. It costs CNY 10-20 per day per rental bike and CNY 0.5-1 per half an hour by sharing bike.
Open time All Day
Ticket price Free

Nearby attraction:
West Street (Xi Jie): Yangshuo West Street is also called Foreigner's Street as it has the most concentrated foreigners in China. The S-shaped street is filled with varieties of souvenirs. All shops, restaurants and bars have signboards in both Chinese and English. Besides, all shop assistants can speak fluent English.
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