Old Street in Hancheng
Located in the northeast of Weinan City, Hancheng is about 230 kilometers (143 miles) away from the capital city Xian. It is the hometown of the world cultural celebrity Sima Qian as well as many other historical celebrities such as Zhao Wu, the Ministerial Scholar-Bureaucrat of the Jin State in the Spring and Autumn Periods (770 BC-476 BC), Wang Jie, the Prime Minister of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), and Du Pengcheng, a noted writer of modern day China. It is thus known as the 'Land of Literature and History'. It is filled with cultural and historical relics, of which Sima Qian Temple, Dang Village and the Confucius Temple are the most attractive scenic spots. Moreover, the folk Shehuo (a kind of folk performing arts) here should not be missed.

The ancient architectures here are distinctive, and Hancheng is indeed regarded as a natural ancient architecture museum. In addition to the Siheyuan (Courtyards) of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it features more than 140 ancient architectural buildings of the Tang, Song, Ming, Yuan and Qing Dynasties (618-1911). This place contains more than 20 of the ancient architectures of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), more than any other site in Shaanxi.

Resources are abundant in the natural environment of Hancheng owing to its various terrains. The northwestern part is a mountainous area teeming with walnut, persimmon and apple, and the middle and eastern parts consist of fertile plain area producing wheat, cotton, vegetable and other crops. The industrial city is an important source of coal and electric power in Shaanxi and is well known as the bright pearl on the 'black waistband' of north Weinan.
A grocery store, Hancheng
A grocery store
Local life in Hancheng, Shaanxi
A stall for repairing shoes
Additionally, the in-city transportation is very convenient. Many roads are built across Hancheng, such as the 108 National Highway from Beijing to Kunming, one provincial road, three civic roads and three special tourist roads.

You can take a bus or train from Xian. If you choose the bus, it will take about four to five hours. Train 7001 will also take you there, starting at 12:36 and arriving at 20:07.


Recommended tour route for one day visit: Sima Qian Temple --> Confucius Temple --> Dang Village


To get to Sima Qian Temple, you can take the bus bound to Weinan or Xian from the long-distance bus station of Hancheng, and get off at Zhichuan County. To get to the Confucius Temple, you can take Bus 101 to its terminal from Hancheng Train Station and then change Bus 102 to get off at Dongxue Lane. To get to Dang Village, you can take the autobus from Hancheng to Xiayu Kou.

Specialties: Chinese prickly ash, walnut and chestnut.
 Suggested Tour Itinerary:
Hancheng Trip: to visit Sima Qian Temple, Dang Village, Ming and Qing Ancient Town and Confucius Temple.