Yan's Compound of Bai Minority in Xizhou

Yan's Compound in Xizhou is the most representative of Bai-style residences, about 13 kilometers (8.08 miles) from Dali City. 

The dwellings of the ethnic minority of Bai in Dali, Yunnan Province always make a strong impression on the traveler. Gradually, the Bai style architecture came into being. Over many years the Bai craftsmen practiced creating traditional Chinese dwellings, all the while cultivating a breathtaking architectural style to call their own.

The Yan's Compound covers an area of about 3,066 square meters (0.76 acres), built around the 1920's. As a whole, it is divided into four parts and each part is cleverly linked together. After visiting this impressive compound, one will ameliorate the admiration for its magnificence and the Bai people's architectural gifts.

Yan's Compound, Dali
Yan's Family was the biggest clan in Xizhou
Yan''s Residence
Marble gate inscripted with characters Si Ma Di

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Upon entering, one's eyes will fall upon the principal house with it's screen wall and two wings. According to the tradition of Bai-style architecture, the screen wall should face east in order to make use of the early morning sun and reflect the light into the inner rooms. Additionally, the screen wall, adorned with elaborate caligraphy and paintings, is considered as a talisman; the Bai people believe it brings good blessing.

Walking inside, one will see the second and then the third parts, each of the parts is enclosed by four houses with four small rooms built between each of the houses; a unique architectural style in Dali called "sihe wutianjing". The final house of Yan's Compound embraces a modern, western architectural style.

"Sandaocha" is a traditional regional tea ceremony consisting of three unique tea flavors, and is an experience not to be missed in Yan's compound. The host begins by presenting a bitter tea which stands for the hardships in life. Then, a sweet tea of sesame and walnut symbolic of happiness in life. Finally, a bitter, sweet, and spicy tea symbolic of pondering life.

Houses with exquisite wooden decorations
Classical residence of the Bai Ethnic Group
Courtyard inside the Compound
Courtyard inside the Compound

The Bai architecture and culture will fascinate the traveler. This stop in Xizhou is one not to be left unexplored!

How to get to Yan's Compound

Take a bus from East Gate of Dali Ancient City to the Xizhou Town and then walk to the compound; or take a taxi to the compound directly.

Entrance Fee CNY 30
Opening Hours 8:00 - 17:00

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