World Horticultural Expo Garden

Grand Greenhouse, World Horicultural Expo Garden
Greenhouse, World Horicultural Expo Garden
Sitting in the northeast suburbs and about 6 kilometers (3.8 miles) from the city center of Kunming, the World Horticultural Expo Garden is a venue for the 1999 Kunming International Horticulture Exposition. It is a first-class Daguanyuan (Grand View Garden), which has typical Chinese and local Yunnan characteristics. The World Horticultural Expo Garden is about 218 hectares (nearly 540 acres) in area, with vegetation coverage reaching 76.7%, including gradual slopes of 120 hectares (about 300 acres). And 10% to 15% of the garden is covered by water. Gardening works of many domestic and foreign places are on display here.



Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden is now divided into five big exhibition halls, seven special gardens and three outdoor showplaces. The five exhibition halls include the China Hall, the International Hall, the Man and Nature Hall, the Science and Technology Hall and the Grand Greenhouse. Seven theme gardens are the Vegetable and Fruit Garden, the Bamboo Garden, the Bonsai Plants Garden, the Tea Garden, the Medicinal Herb Garden, the Tree Garden and the Garden of Famous Flowers and Strange Stones (It was found after the 1999 Kunming International Horticulture Exposition). The three outdoor showplaces are the International Exhibition Gardens, the Domestic Exhibition Gardens and the Exhibition Area for Enterprises.
Cactus in the Greenhouse
Cactus in the Greenhouse

Going straight forward after entering the garden, visitors will see the Grand Greenhouse. With total area of 3,630 square meters (about 0.9 acre), it includes four exhibition areas: the Tropical Plant Exhibition Area, the Temperate Plants Exhibition Area, Plants at High and Cold Elevations Areas (3,000 meters or more above the sea level), Exhibition Centre and Photos Exhibition Area.

After visiting the Grand Greenhouse, the tourists can see the Domestic Exhibition Gardens to the north. It is composed of 34 sections according to China's provinces and regions. With different characteristics, these provincial gardens stand in four solid lines. Walking forward to the World Horticultural Expo Garden, visitors encounter the International Exhibition Gardens, which include 33 sections in total. The five big exhibition halls and the seven special gardens are scattered here.


Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden transplants and cultivates 2,551 kinds of plants with a total census of more than 2 million. Among them, 112 categories are rare and endangered species. With the theme of Man and Nature, it shows that human beings are interrelated with Nature in a harmonious way.

As the only remains of International Horticulture Exposition, Kunming Expo Garden has created the best record in history. At the same time, it has set a slew of world records in Guinness, such as the largest in area, the fastest in pace of construction and the most in species of plants on display.

Screen in China Pavilion
Screen in China Pavilion
Dance Show in the World Expo Garden
Dance Show in the World Expo Garden

How to get to World Horticultural Expo Garden, Kunming

Take bus 47, 50, 69, 71, 182, 204, 228, 235, 249, 919E, A1, A12, C136, K18 or K43 to Shiboyuan (Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden).
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Entrance Fee

CNY 100 per person;
Free for children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet);

Combination ticket: EXPO Garden entrance ticket + Golden Temple + ropeway: CNY160.

Opening Hours

8:00 - 17:00

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