Dongxing, Guangxi

Dongxing Facts

Chinese Name: 东兴 (dōng xīng)
Population: about 300,000
Area: 590 square kilometers (227.8 square miles)
Location: on the southwest of Fangchenggang City, south of Guangxi, southwest China
Area Code: 0770
Zip Code: 538100
Nationalities: Han, Gin, Zhuang

A Coastal City on the Border with Vietnam

Dongxing is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Fangchenggang, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is located on the southwestern border of China and south of Guangxi. It borders Beibu Gulf on the southeast and Vietnam to the southwest. Separated from Mong Cai by a narrow river, it is the only port city between China and ASEAN. Dongxing is rich in tourism resources. One of the world’s three major mangrove demonstration reserves - Beilunhekou Mangrove Reserve is in Dongxing. Also, Gin Island Scenic Area, Golden Beach and Wanhe Mountain are worth visiting. Dongxing is a melting pot of different cultures and travelers can enjoy the special culture and customs of Gin Nationality.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Dongxing

It may need 1-2 days for Dongxing travelling.

Gin Island Scenic Area

​ Wanhe Mountain: It is a coastal scenic spot which mainly consists of sand dunes and a primeval forest. The beautiful scenery of lively forest brings travelers a visual enjoyment. There are countless egrets in the mountain. The beach, trees and the egrets will leave tourists an unforgettable memory.
​ Golden Beach: With dense sand, non-polluted and warm water, it is a hot place for a coastal tour. Travelers can walk along the beach, enjoy the comfortable sea wind, appreciate the beautiful scenery and go surfing.

 Experience the Gin Ethnic Customs and Culture: Here is the colony of Chinese Gin people. Gin Nationality is the main ethnic group of Vietnam. The ancestors of the Gin people had moved to Dongxing in the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). Most of them speak Chinese now. Travelers can appreciate the performance of the traditional musical instrument of Gin nationality, single-string instrument, view their ethnic dance performance and have a taste of local snacks.

China-Vietnam Border Tour

Bordering Vietnam to the southwest, it is easy for travelers to have a China-Vietnam border tour through the Dongxing Port and visit scenic spots such as Mong Cai and Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. Travelers can buy Vietnamese sweets, food, daily necessities, handicrafts, clothing and cosmetics on Mong Cai. However, you should pay attention to that do not buy any valuable goods because there are many fake goods.

Dongxing Port Scenic Spot

With a unique location, Dongxing Port plays an increasingly important role in China’s opening up and attracts more and more people to travel. Travelers can visit the No.5 Boundary Monument from the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911), Ho Chi Minh Pavilion, Sino-Vietnam Friendship Bridge and go shopping in Vietnam Duty-Free Stores.

Best Time to Visit Dongxing

The best time to visit Dongxing is from September to November. Dongxing China belongs to the south subtropical monsoon climate zone. The climate is mild and humid throughout the year. The average annual temperature is around 23.2℃ (73.76℉). From May to October, it is very hot with an average temperature of 31.8℃ (89.24℉) and travelers should pay attention to sunscreen. January and February are the coldest seasons through the whole year with a temperature of 13.5-18.5℃ (56.3-65.3℉). It is one of the famous rainy areas in China. From April to September, it is the rainy season.

Dongxing Weather Forecast



Dongxing Guangxi is about 200 km (124.3 mi) from Nanning Wuxu International Airport. Travelers can take a flight first, and then take the airport express to Dongxing Guangxi. It takes about 3.5 hours and costs CNY 90. There is no railway station in Dongxing, so travelers can take trains to Fangchenggang North Railway Station first, and then take the long-distance buses to Dongxing Guangxi. Travelers can also take trains to Nanning, and then take buses at Nanning Jiangnan Passenger Station or Nanning Langdong Passenger Station. It may cost CNY 65-75 to Dongxing from Nanning.
Within the city, there is no metro. Travelers can take buses easily. The taxi charges CNY 4 for the first 2 km, CNY 1.6/km for subsequent distance, and CNY 1 for the additional fuel surcharge. Travelers can also rent a car which may cost CNY 300-400/day.

Best Dongxing Food to Try

Steamed Vermicelli Roll, Wind-Blowing Pancake, Balut, and Gin Fans are worth tasting when travelling in Donxing Guangxi.

 Steamed Vermicelli Roll
Steam a slice of pancake, sprinkle some minced meat and chopped green onion and then roll them together. It is also eaten with sauce and sesame oil. It is famous for its flavor and smooth taste.

 Wind-Blowing Pancake
Grand glutinous rice to powder syrup, steam it, sprinkle sesame and then dry it in the sun. It is so thin that can be blown away by the wind, that’s why it got the name. When eating, roast it on the fire until gradually swelled. It tastes crispy and full of the aroma of sesame.

It is a famous snack in Sino-Vietnamese border areas. Eaten with fresh lemon juice, ginger, parsley and fried onion, it tastes spicy, sour, crispy and rich in flavor and is popular among the local people and travelers.
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