Guangyuan Panlong Airport

Guangyuan Airport Code: GYS


It is located in Panlong Town, Lizhou District, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, southwest of China. It is about 14 kilometers (about 8 miles) from downtown Guangyuan.


There is one terminal with two levels for domestic flights.

Passengers Guide

 Open time for check-in: 60 minutes before the departure

 Close time for check-in: 30 minutes before the departure

 QR code check in: Instead of the traditional line-up at the counter to print paper boarding passes, passengers at Guangyuan Airport are able to sweep the QR code to check in. Passengers can apply for a boarding pass and select a seat 48 hours before the flight on their own on Air China official website or APP. And then they can use this electronic boarding pass to check in.


Sichuan Airlines (3U), Shandong Airlines (SC), Air China (CA), China Southern Airlines (CZ), Shenzhen Airlines (ZH), Juneyao Airlines (HO).

Guangyuan Airport Flights Schedule

Guangyuan airport has opened air routes to domestic cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Jinan, Kunming, Nanning, Urumqi…
To/ From Frequency (weekly) Travel Time
Beijing 2 on each day 2H10M
Shanghai 2 on each day 2H35M
Shenzhen 2 on each Mon. Wed. Fri. 2H30M
Hangzhou 2 on each day 2H30M
Jinan 2 on each day 2H5M
Kunming 2 on each day 1H50M
Urumqi 1 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat. 3H40M
Nanning 1 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat. 1H45M

How to Travel between the Airport and Downtown Guangyuan

Airport Shuttle Bus

Route Airport – Nanhe Long-distance Bus Station
Operating Hours 9:30 - 21:00
Travel Time  30 minutes
Ticket Price CNY 10

City bus line 12

 Route: Guangyuan Panlong Airport – Panlong Community – Zoumaling – Panlong Hot Spring – Hexie Village – Zoumaling Daoban – New Vehicle Administration Office – Dishuiyan Coach Station – Shuiguanying – Highway Crossing – Yuanjiaba Crossing – Binjiang Road – Tianzhaoshan Crossing – Zengjia Bridge – South Railway Station Committee – Xiaxi Gas Station – Yancao Logistics – International City of Business and Trade – Huangdu Shouzuo Community – Yushu Community – Nanjing Road – Agricultural Products Trading Center – Nanhe Long-distance Coach Station – Nan Street – Moer Tiancheng – Xiahe Street – Daxi Street – Xiaoxi Street – Beimen Coach Station – Guangyuan Hotel – Guangyuan Railway Station
Operating Hour: 06:30~19:30
Ticket Price: CNY 3

Taxi Fare for Reference from Guangyuan Airport

Destinations Travel Time Ticket Price
Guangyuan Railway Station About 35 minutes Around CNY 40
Nanhe Long-distance Coach Station About 30 minutes Around CNY 35
Baoling About 30 minutes Around CNY 35
Jianmen Shu Road Scenic Area About 50 minutes Around CNY 50
Zhaohua Ancient City About 30 minutes Around CNY 35

How to get to Jianmen Shu Road Scenic Area (Jianmen Shudao) from the Airport

 1: Take city bus line 12 at the Airport and get off at Agricultural Products Trading Center, then transfer to bus line 5 to Shenxiantu and walk about 200 meters (219 yards) to Jianmen Shu Road (Jianmen Shudao) Scenic Area. This method can take you about 1 hour and 10 minutes and cost you CNY 3.

 2:Take city bus line 12 from airport to Xiahe Street, then transfer to city bus line 7 and get off at Shenxiantu. Then walk about 200 meters (219 yards) to Jianmen Shu Road Scenic Area. The journey time is about 1 hour and 20 minutes and the fare is CNY 3.

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