Hangzhou Nightlife

After daytime excursions to lakes and mountains in Hangzhou, visitors should go to the lakeside to enjoy the music fountain for fantastic nightlife. The grand jets combined with neon lights make the water scenery totally different from that in the daytime.

Tea Houses

Next to the beautiful Wu Mountain scenic spot lies the Chenghuang Teahouse, a classical building with five layers. The interior decoration is simple and refined. You can enjoy a good view of Wu Mountain while sipping a cup of tea and tasting pastries. It is the best place for relaxation.
Location: 3 Wushan Road, Shangcheng District

The teahouse closest to the West Lake is Hu Pan Ju (Lakeside Teahouse). This is a place for friends to hang out and drink tea and for visitors to taste the authentic Longjing tea and take in the breathtaking scenery of the West Lake. It has been one of the most famous teahouses in city for many years.
Location: 1, Shengtang Scenic Area

Qing Teng Tea House is also a popular spot located close to the West Lake. Besides enjoying various kinds of tea, you could also have a simple buffet for free, including fruits, dim sum and local snacks.
Location: 2F, Yuanhua Square, 278, Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District

Wen Ying Ge Tea House was built in the park of Liu Lang Wen Ying (orioles singing in the willows), at the West Lake’s southeast bank. Due to its prior location to view the West Lake, there are always many visitors here for tea-tasting.
Location: 3, Park of Liu Lang Wen Ying, Qingbomen, Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District


The most classical coffee house of Hangzhou is the Blue Mountain Coffee House. Famous local people often assemble at this spot. Various kinds of coffee with unique fragrances captivate the guests from all over the city. The shop has been entitled the demonstration base of professional service by the international authority.
Location: 56-58, Dingan Road, Shangcheng District

Metoo Café is favored by many designers and artists not only for full-bodied coffe but also for its unique LOFT style. Delicate western food and dim sum are also served here.
Location: opposite to 69, Jichangwenhua Yuan, Jinhua Road, Gongshu District

Costa Coffee, hiding in the lush trees on the bank of the West Lake, is an ideal place to enjoy some free time with friends.
Location: Bldg.11, Xihu Tiandi, 147, Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District

C. straits café is also located on the bank of the West Lake, through the window of which you could see the famous Broken Bridge.
Location: 28, Beishan Road, Xihu District

Clubs & Pubs

Situated in a Europe-style building on the bank of the West Lake, the Le Jazz could supply the most exciting nightlife.
Location: 6, Liuying Road, Shangcheng District

Compared with others, the TRAVELLER is much quieter and elegant. It is also frequently visited by some good bandsmen.
Location: 176, Shuguang Road, Xihu District

You To Bar is a popular countryside bar for people who would like a quiet time after busy days.
Location: 85, Shuguang Road, Xihu Distruct

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