Hangzhou Pictures

Hangzhou is a city with a rich historical heritage and splendid cultures, also one of the seven ancient capitals in China. Its beauty lies in its charming lakes and green mountains as well as in its profound history and culture. Detailed information about Hangzhou Travel Guide

West Lake, the most noted symbol of historic Hangzhou, is surrounded by mountains in three directions and houses many places of interest in and around the lake area.

Initially established during the Eastern Jin Dynasty near the Peak Flown From Afar, Temple of Soul's Retreat is more than 1,600 years old, being one of the ten well-known Zen temples in China.

This museum was originally a traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy that was founded in 1874 by Hu Xueyan. The museum consists of five parts: Exhibition Hall, Hall of Handicraft Workshop and Interest Room, Out-patient Clinic of Chinese Medicine and Healthcare, Room of Chinese Herbal Soup and Business Hall.

China's National Silk Museum is the first specializing in silk, aiming to show the history and development of Chinese silk during the past 5,000 years. The museum is located on the south shore of  West Lake, consisting of eight exhibition halls and housing exhibits from the Neolithic Age to the Qing Dynasty.

The China National Tea Museum is in the town of Dragon Well Tea in the elegant city of Hangzhou, capital of silk and tea since ancient times.

Six Harmonies Pagoda stands on the hill on the north bank of the Qiantang River. This multi-storied pagoda was first built during the Northern Song Dynasty and fully reconstructed in the Southern Song after being destroyed during warfare.

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