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Beijing to Longqing Gorge & Mt. Songshan Forest Park

Day 1 Beijing - Mt. Songshan Forest Park
This 2-day independent Beijing tour will begin with the charming Mt. Songshan Forest Park about 90km (56mi) from the city center. Hence, you need to get up early and take bus No. 919 (express) (2 hours, CNY 16 per person) from Deshengmen to Yanqing Dongguan, and then take a taxi (30 minutes, about CNY 80) to the Mt. Songshan Forest Park. The admission is CNY 65 per person.

With Chinese pine trees covering all over the mountains and plains, Mt. Songshan Forest Park is a good place for people to relax and get away from the summer heat. There are more than 30 scenic spots on the mountain, including Baipu Spring, Baxian Cave, and Songyue Pond. It is also an ideal place to enjoy the hot spring. Due to the pretty large grass and forest coverage and unspoiled natural environment, there are a lot of rare wild animals and plants in various species survived within the park. Walking inside this woodland easefully, you can refresh yourself with clean air, fragrance of flowers, twitter of birds, gurgling of flowing streams and fine views of the surroundings.

Then take a taxi for a fare of about CNY 70 to Longqing Gorge - the next stop of your independent Beijing tour. Find a hotel nearby and stay overnight.
Day 2 Longqing Gorge - Departure
Today you may have a full day to explore the Longqing Gorge. Mountains there are praised to be more cragged than those of the Three Gorges and the rivers much clearer than Li River. In the Longqing Gorge scenic area, undulating mountains and trickling streams integrate together perfectly, and you can see a pretty picture full of winding gorges, lucid rivers, precipitous cliffs and natural caves with fantastic stalactites and bizarre stalagmites.

Along the 7km-long (4mi) valley of Longqing Gorge, there are more than 30 scenic spots, such as Longqing Dam, Comb Hill and Flowers Cave. You may take a boat and stop by those sites on the way. As an ideal summer resort and a fairy land of ice and snow in winter, Longqing Gorge is a suitable place for people to visit all the year round. Every year from early January to late February, the Ice Lantern Festival and the Longqing Gorge International Ice and Snow Sculpture Competition will be held here, and competitors from USA, UK, Australia, Russia, Spain, France, India etc, come together to create fantastic ice engraving works. You may take a visit in different time to feel its various beauties. The admission fee is CNY 40 from April 10 to November 15 while it costs CNY 100 per person during the Ice Lantern Festival (January 15 - February).

Your 2-day independent Beijing tour to Mt. Songshan Forest Park & Longqing Gorge will end here. After checking out of the hotel, please get to Shi He Ying bus stop near the southern end of the parking lot of Longqing Gorge to catch bus No.919 (express) back to Deshengmen in downtown Beijing. Note that the last return bus stops at Shi He Ying at around 19:00.
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Questions & Answers
Asked by Sara from USA | Aug. 15, 2017 08:25Reply
Kangxi Grassland
How do we arrange horseback riding on the kangxi grassland? I hear that there is an official entrance but there are other ways to go and visit the horse clubs.
Answers (1)
Answered by Ken | Aug. 16, 2017 22:19

You are suggested to go to the official entrance of the grassland as you may be cheated by the people around the site. You may consult the conductor about the horse riding at the entrance.
Asked by Ivan from INDONESIA | Jul. 08, 2016 10:06Reply
what time the airport shuttle bus (T2) to beijing prime hotel wangfujing would run in the morning ??

how long does it take from Beijing capital airport terminal (T2) to Beijing hotel prime wangfujing by shuttle bus ??

which transport the fastest and the easiest to get to the prime hotel wangfujing from the Beijing capital airport ??

is there any burger king or Mc Donald at T2 ?? what time they will open ???
Answers (1)
Answered by Carol | Jul. 12, 2016 19:32

hi, this hotel is 28 kilometers away from the airport. It takes only 40 minutes if you take taxi at the airport. Or you can take the airport shuttle bus No. 3 to Chaoyangmen and then take a taxi for a short ride about 5 minutes. There is a Mc Donald in T2 for 24 hours service.
Asked by ivan from INDONESIA | Jul. 07, 2016 10:56Reply
how to get Beijing National Stadium from Prime hotel wangfujing by public transport??
how long does it take by public transport to get there?? how much by taxi??
how to get Summer Palace from Beijing National Stadium by public transport?? How much by taxi??

Answers (1)
Answered by James | Jul. 07, 2016 21:50

From the hotel, you can take subway line 6 for one stop to Nanluoguxiang Station, then change to line 8 and get off at Olympic Sports Center Station, exit B1 or B2 and walk north to the stadium. It takes around 40 minutes and costs CNY4 per person. If you take taxi, the fare is about CNY30. After visit, you can take subway line 8 to Beitucheng Station, change to line 10 and get off at Haidian Huangzhuang after 6 stops, then change to line 4 and get off at Beigongmen Station, exit A and you will get to Summer Palace after walking about 400 meters. The taxi fee is about CNY50.
Asked by Ivan from INDONESIA | Jul. 06, 2016 10:38Reply
how to get Sunworld Hotel Wangfujing from beijing capital airport by public transport
How far forbidden city from Sunworld Hotel Wangfujing ?? how much to get there by taxi ??
How far Sunworld Hotel Wangfujing to wangfujing street market ??
Answers (1)
Answered by James | Jul. 06, 2016 20:16

From the airport, you can take Airport Express to Sanyuanqiao, then change to subway line 10 to Huixinxijie Nankou Station and take line line 5, get off at Dengshikou Station after 7 stops and walk for 600 meters to the hotel. If you take taxi directly, the fare is about CNY90. It takes 10 minutes and costs around CNY15 to get to Forbidden City from the hotel by taxi. Wangfujing Street is about 15 minutes' walking distance of the hotel.
Asked by taufan from INDONESIA | Jul. 01, 2016 05:33Reply
How long does it take to get Longqing Gorge from Prime Hotel Wangfujing by public transport??
Can I use taxi from Yanging railway to Longqing Gorge??
How far from yanging railway station to longqing gorge??
Is there any snow on january 2017 in longqing gorge??
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa | Jul. 03, 2016 20:19

It takes around 3 hours to get to Longqing Gorge from downtown by public bus. You can take bus 919 at Deshengmeng to Yanqing County and then change to Bus 875. Or you may take train S2 at Northern Station to Yanqing and then change to Bus 875.

You can take a taxi from Yanqing railway to Longqing Gorge, the fare is about CNY30 and the ride takes around 20 minutes. As for the snow, it depends on the weather condition at that time, but normally yes.
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