BJ-BK06: Eastern Beijing City Cycling

Almost all the roads along this Beijing eastern city cycling trail are in pleasant shade, so you don't need to worry about the strong sunshine. It is a short but definitely an enjoyable cycle route. 

Route: Temple of Earth - Nine Bends Hutong – Guijie Street - Sanlitun - Agriculture Exhibition Center - Chaoyang Park
Distance: around 7 kilometers (4 miles) 
  Stop 1: Temple of Earth (Ditan Park)
Let's start the tour from the Temple of Earth (Ditan Park) in eastern Beijing, which is the imperial altar for the emperors to worship the god of earth in the Ming (1368 - 1644) and Qing (1644 - 1911) dynasties. Apart from the old buildings, 72% of the park is covered by grasslands, cypresses, and more than 100 species of plants, among which about 170 trees are over 100 years old. 

We suggest you pay a visit to the park before renting a bike, and 40 to 60 minutes is enough to visit the most of this spot.
  Stop 2: Nine Bends Hutong (Jiudaowan Hutong)
You are advised to leave the park from its south gate, walk southward for about 250 meters (270 yards) to find the Yonghegong subway station, where you can rent a sharing bike. 

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Ride southward along Yonghegong Street for about 1,000 meters (1,100 yards), turn left into Shique Hutong after crossing the large intersection at Beixin Bridge subway station. The famous Nine Bends Hutong ('jiu dao wan hu tong') is about 180 meters (200 yards) ahead at the second turning. It is so named because there are a lot of turns and bends along the alley. Be sure to follow the signposts, or you will definitely get lost. The fun of the hutong tour comes from not just weaving along the narrow alleys, but also from the special cultural experience of traditional courtyards, lots of pretty brick sculptures and stone drums.

Warm notice:
On the way to Nine Bends Hutong along Yonghegong Street, you may also pay visits to Confucian Temple and the Guozijian (Imperial Academy) to your right and Yonghe Temple to your left. Confucius Temple is a good choice for those who are interested in Confucianism, Imperial College will give you general information about Chinese education in ancient times; while Yonghe Temple was originally a royal mansion and later used as a Tibetan Buddhism temple. 
  Stop 3: Guijie Street
After Hutong tour, cycle northward to reach Dongzhimen Inner Street, turn right and cycle for a few minutes to get to Guijie Street, which is a famous food street in Beijing. There are many good and cheap hash houses, most of which are open 24 hours. All of the restaurants are adorned with red decorations and lanterns. Every night, when the red lanterns are on, most of the restaurants are filled with diners. The most popular specialty here is spicy and hot lobsters.
  Stop 4: Sanlitun
Cycle east along the Dongzhimen Inner Street, pass the Dongzhimen Gate, and then ride on to the Dongzhimen Outer Street for about 1,000 meters, you will arrive at Sanlitun on your right side, a bustling area in the metropolis gathering shopping malls, restaurants and bars. In fact, the fashionable bars are located to the south of Dongzhimen Outer Street, while on the north side of the street are the foreign embassies. The bar street may be quiet in day-time; however, it will be totally another vibrant world at night.
  Stop 5: National Agriculture Exhibition Center
Continue to ride eastward to the end of the street and you will find the National Agriculture Exhibition Center in front of you. It is well-located and easily accessible; hence, it is now the best place to hold large scale exhibitions. 
  Stop 6: Chaoyang Park
Not far east to the exhibition hall is the Chaoyang Park (Sun Park), which is a large comprehensive amusement park with city landscaping and greenery. You can get to the park by riding eastward along the road north of the Agriculture Exhibition Center.

After the visit, you may take subway line 14 outside its south gate, west gate or north gate to leave.
This trip can be customized to meet your individual needs!
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