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Independent Forbidden City Tours

Meridian Gate - Inner Golden Water River Bridges - Gate of Unified Harmony - Hall of Literary Glory - Gate of Amiability - Hall of Martial Valor - Gate of Supreme Harmony - Tiren Pavilion & Hongyi Pavilion - Hall of Supreme Harmony - Hall of Central Harmony - Hall of Preserved Harmony - Gate of Heavenly Purity - Palace of Heavenly Purity - Hall of Celestial and Terrestrial Union - Palace of Earthly Tranquility - Imperial Garden - Gate of Diving Prowess
Palace for Gathering Elegance - Hall of Gathering Excellence - Palace of Universal Happiness - Palace of the Queen Consort - Palace of Eternal Spring - Hall of All-Encompassing Universe - Hall of the Supreme Pole - Palace of Eternal Longevity - Hall of Manifesting Obedience - The Hall of Mental Cultivation - Office of the Privy Council
Palace of Accumulated Purity - Palace of Great Brilliance - Palace of Celestial Favor - Palace of Eternal Harmony - Palace of Great Benevolence - Palace of Prolonging Happiness - Hall for Abstinence - Hall for Ancestral Worship
Glazed-tile Nine-Dragon Screen - Hall of Imperial Supremacy - Palace of Tranquil Longevity - Garden of Qianlong Emperor - Pavilion of Pleasant Sounds - Hall of Viewing Opera - Hall of Spiritual Cultivation - Hall of Joyful Longevity - Belvedere of Well-nourished Harmony - Well of Concubine Zhen