BJ-T15: One-Day Beijing Happy Valley Independent Tour

Beijing Happy Valley is a modern theme park to have fun. Here, one can enjoy thrilling entertaining facilities like roller coasters and huge swings, and watch colorful performances. It opens from day to night, suitable for both young people pursuing thrill and families with kids. 

 Admission fee: CNY299; CNY260 for those higher than 1.5m (4.9ft) but below 18 years old; CNY 195 for children between 1.2-1.5m (3.9 - 4.9 ft); free of charge for children below 1.2m
 Opening Time: 10:00 – 20:30; it is subject to change according to weather and visitors flow
  How to Get to Happy Valley
1. Take Beijing subway line 7 to Happy Valley Station, get out from exit B or C and you will find the park easily.
2. Take bus no. 31 or 41 to West Jinchan Road and the park will be on the west.
  How to Move inside the Happy Valley
There are two transportation tools available for visitors to travel inside the large park easily.  

1. Electricity Car: Adults are allowed to drive it on their own so they can go anywhere at anytime they want. It costs CNY30 per ride per adult and CNY15 per ride per kid. If you plan to ride it many times, a pass ticket allowing unlimited rides is recommended; it costs CNY 60 per adult and CNY 30 per kid. 
2. Sightseeing Train: It travels among different theme zones. Visitors need to wait for their arrivals and get onboard when there is a seat. It costs CNY30 per adult per ride and CNY15 per kid per ride. The pass ticket requires CNY50 per adult and CNY25 per kid. 
  Recommended Visit Route
The theme park is divided into 7 theme zones. You may visit it clockwise like this: Happy Time - Dessert Kingdom - Shangri-la - Lost Maya - Island of Atlantis - Aegean Harbor - Wild Fjord or anti-clockwise. 
  Top Things to Do in Beijing Happy Valley

Happy Time

1. Extreme Rusher: This launch-type roller coaster is one of the most thrilling and popular projects in Beijing Happy Valley, with the highest speed of 133.6km/h (83 mph). However, you may need to wait for some time to get onboard. 
2. Day Parade of Floats: It is a carnival involving 23 floats and over 100 performers, when you can have fun to the full extent. It usually starts at 14:00 and lasts for about half an hour. 
3. Night Parade of Floats: The parade is even fancier with the help of various lights. It is normally scheduled at 19:00 and also lasts for about half an hour. 

Dessert Kingdom 

1. Family Coaster: With the speed of only 13m/s, it is suitable for even kids. Besides, the coaster itself is very lovely and visitors can take some nice photos here.
2. Gingerbread Carousel: This is a double-deck carousel and the higher deck offers a better point of view. 
3. Cake Swing: It can send sitters to a height equally to 4th floor, where you can have a bird’s eye view of the Happy Valley. 


1. Music Roller Coaster: With a height equally to 16th floor and a length of 800 meters (880 yards), this is the longest and highest roller coaster in the whole theme park. It stirs up water on the way, very interesting. Every seat is equipped with a speaker sending out music, hence the name. 
2. Drifting on the Yarlung Zangbo River: Visitors are sent to the 6th-floor-high point, then drift down along the river molded after Yarlung Zangbo River. 
3. Golden Swing: This is a hanging roller coaster with most rolls in the Happy Valley. 
4. Turbo Drop: You will feel your heart beating even after getting off from it. 
5. Acrobatic Drama “Li San”: Through the drama, you can not only appreciate acrobatics, but also learn the spirit of Chinese swordsman and folk customs of old Beijing. 

Lost Maya

1. Jungle Racing: The roller coaster travels through jungles to offer sitters different experience. 
2. Apollo Wheel: It is one of the biggest pendulum rides in Asia. Are you ready to scream? 

Island of Atlas

1. Crystal Wing: This roller coaster flies through the “rocky castle”. 
2. Energy Collector: This is a rotating sightseeing platform, where one can have a panoramic view of the whole Happy Valley. 

Aegean Harbor

1. Flume Ride: The track is 800 meters long. During the 10-minute ride, it send sitters down to ground twice, respectively from the height of 5th floor and 10th floor.  
2. Fantasea: As an indoor playground with smaller entertaining facilities, it is suitable for kids.  

Wild Fjord

Golden Mask Dynasty: This is a well-designed stage show combining music, dance, light and others. 
  Travel Tips
1. If possible, try to go there on usual days, because it can be crowded during holidays and festivals, when you may spend more time waiting rather than having fun. 
2. If the queue is too long, leave the project later and move on for the ones with short waiting queues. 
3. Wear a pair of comfortable shoes as you are very likely to walk more than usual or stand in queues for some hot projects.
4. The park offers free raincoats for its visitors before they enjoy water-involving projects, so there is no need to buy one at the entrance. 
5. There are restaurants and shops inside, but the price is a little higher. You may prepare some bottled water and snacks before entering. 
This trip can be customized to meet your individual needs!
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