Dali Bicycle Tours

BC-DL01: 6-Day Dali - Baoshan - Tengchong - Lianghe - Yingjiang - Ruili
This route will lead you westwards to Ruili, the border town of Yunnan and Myanmar. Although you have to pass some uphill roads during the journey, most of the road is still in good condition. On the first day, you will cycle to Baoshan City from Dali by the No.320 National Highway which is also called the Old Burma Road. If you are feeling energetic, you will get to Tengchong the following day. It is noted for being a volcanic area where you may find the specific volcanic mountains. On the following day, you may have a visit to the volcano area about 22 kilometers (14 miles) north of the town. This afternoon, a 50-kilometer (31-mile) cycling southwest will take you to Lianghe County.
Setting off from Lianghe, you will end today's journey in Yingjiang which is just 50 kilometers southwest. This county has abundant natural tourism resources which are rarely explored, for example, the flowing Dayingjiang River leading to Myanmar. The next day, you will arrive in Ruili after a 95-kilometer (59-mile) cycling. This beautiful city plays a vital in the business trading between Chinese and Burmese. If you have a Burmese visa, an extended tour to Myanmar is worth to taking. Finally, you can take a bus back to Dali directly.
BC-DL02: 3-Day Dali - Eryuan - Shibaoshan - Jianchuan - Dali
Set off from the old town of Dali northward, you will arrive in Eryuan 70 kilometers (43 miles) away, where the beautiful scenic and featured minority villages can be found. It is the birthplace of the quiet Erhai Lake in Dali City. The next day, you can cycle to the Jianchuan City which is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Eryuan and then you could extend today's journey to the 25 kilometers (16 miles) away Shibaoshan Mountain Scenery Area. In the remaining time, you could have a hiking tour in this mountain. On the last day, you can return to Dali or continue to Lijiang which is about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Jianchuan.
Jinghong Bicycle Tours
BC-JH01: 4-Day Jinghong - Menglun - Mengla - Jinghong
Upon arrival in Jinghong, you will be attracted by the local friendly inhabitants. Riding your bicycle around this colorful city is enjoyable all year round. On the next day, you can cycle 50 kilometers northward to the Mengyang Town to explore the Wild Elephant Valley. You can then return to Jinghong for the next day's excursion. On the second day, you will cycle about 30 kilometers southeast to the Menghan Town for the Dai Garden. Not only the charming tropical scenery, but also the vivid Dai culture can be enjoyed here. Later, continue the journey about 40 kilometers to Menglun Town where the largest botanical garden of China is located. Setting off from Menglun next morning, you will arrive in Mengla Town 100 kilometers (62 miles) away, which is a border town of China, Myanmar and Laos. 64% area of the town is covered by verdant forest which gives you a good opportunity to explore the tropical scenic. On the last day, you can cycle back to Jinghong leisurely.