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Golf Tour of Harbin

Situated on the southern bank of Songhuajiang in northeast China, Harbin has the unique features of its own. It mixes the Russian and Chinese cultures together and forms into a very special city flavor in the entire China. It once was just a little fish village and changes the fate after Qing dynasty. The scenery of Harbin in winter is especially attractive.
You can pay a visit to the Sun Island Scenic Resort to admire the beautiful scenery along the Songhua River. This resort consists of more than 20 scenic spots which will make the tourists feel as if they were in daydream during the visit. It is considered to be one of the must sightseeing places in Harbin and Harbin Ice Sculpture Art Exposition hold there every year make the place well-know to the world. Then go to the St. Sofia Orthodox Church to see the monumental work of art, travel in the Centre Street to taste the exotic flavor of Harbin, to view the biggest artistic ice exhibition in the Ice Lantern Garden, enter the Siberian Tiger Park and have a view of the Siberian tigers, and you may visit the largest ice and snow art exhibition in the world-Harbin Ice and Snow World. After that you can play your golf at Heilongjiang Harbin International Golf Club or the Heilongjiang Xudong Golf Club freely.
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1. Harbin International Golf Club
Harbin International Golf Club is the first golf club of Heilongjiang Province and also the northmost golf course in China. It was founded and commenced its service from July 1999. Covering an area of 42.5 acres, it has a 9-hole 36-par golf course and its total length of fairway is 2,700 yards. In addition, it has a golf practicing hall and ski park that opens in winter. In the past years, the club has successfully held 40 golf games of the provincial level.
Apart from the main facilities of the golf course, the club has complete supporting facilities such as the unique clubhouse, refined dinning services, modernized meeting center and a luxurious hotel. Here you will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing golf vacation.
Address: No. 63, Ganshui Road, Economy and Technology Development Zone, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province
Tel: 86-451-2302118
Fax: 86-451-2331140
2. Heilongjiang Xudong Golf Club
Set up in 2000, the Xudong Golf Club is located in Pingshan Town of Acheng District in Harbin. It is only one hour's driving from the downtown of Harbin. Covering an area of over 494 acres (two million square meters) and having 72 pars, it is the only 18-hole golf course of the international standard within Heilongjiang Province. With a full length of 6,896 yards, the fairways are built on the hilly ground and around the eight lakes. It usually opens from the summer (in April) and closes in winter (in November).
As the first golf course constructed on the snow field of Asia, the Xudong Golf Club is also a nice ski resort. In winter, the Xudong Ski Field is a fantastic place for you to experience the fun of snow.
Address: Pingshan Town, Acheng District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province
Tel: 86-451-86605242
Fax: 86-451-86665580