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Shanghai Disneyland Annoys Customers by Costly Queue-free Service

Published: Feb. 14, 2018

Recently, a costly line-skipping service offered by Shanghai Disneyland Park has triggered a controversy and annoyed some customers. According to Ms. Chen, she accompanied her kid to the park in late January, 2018. They queued for a popular facility for nearly two hours, in spite of the coldness outdoors. Finally, it seemed their turn to enjoy, when their line was surprisingly jumped by a group of VIP visitors. Ms. Chen got very angry about this and questioned the authority of the park. She believed that the interests of her and her fellow visitors were violated.

As the other party involved in the controversy, Shanghai Disney Park responded that the VIP groups paid for a 3-hour guided tour service provided by the park itself. Each group contained 3 to 8 members and each of them was required to pay CNY 2,700. In addition, there is a 6-hour guided tour service, similar to the 3-hour service. It is priced at CNY 18,000 during peak days and can accept six members. It means a member needs to pay CNY 3,000 at least.
Shanghai Disneyland Park Shanghai Disneyland Park

Is the Costly Queue-free Service Reasonable

On one hand, as Shanghai Disneyland Park explained, this is not an exception in their parks. Disney has been offering the queue-free service as well in other Disney parks throughout the world since its foundation. It is a profitable corporation and is blameless for gaining more profits. Visitors can get more considerate services by paying more. That's just the case.

On the other hand, a majority of visitors hold an opposite opinion. Though it sounds undisputable, they think Disney is humiliating budget travelers by doing so. At least, it should open a VIP passage for the VIP groups, not simply jumping the queues. What’s more, it is obliged to give an advanced notice that visitors may need to give way to VIP groups.

Hidden Problems of Shanghai Disneyland Park

Actually, this incident disclosed some problems of Shanghai Disneyland Park. The entrance ticket is not cheap, but the park is always full of people. It’s a common scene to see long lines in front of attractions inside the park. For the most popular facilities, visitors have to wait for a few hours. In this case, anyone could be very furious if encountering line-jumpers. To guarantee a better travel experience, it’s best to visit on weekdays and avoid travelling at weekends and holidays as possible as you can.

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