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Scalped Tickets of Shanghai Disneyland Soar to Sky-high Price

Published: May. 10, 2016

Lovely Cartoon Figures in the Park
Since March 28, 2016, tourists can book the tickets for Shanghai Disneyland Park on its official website, official WeChat account, or through designated outlets. In addition, they can book tickets by calling the official booking center at 400-180-0000 or 86-21-31580000. Said to open on June 16, 2016, tourists can’t wait to pay a visit to the park. Therefore, the news has triggered a scramble for tickets.

Immediately after the tickets were put on sale, the clicks on Shanghai Disneyland official website rose to more than five million. During the peak period, 4,000 to 5,000 tickets were sold at a second. What’s more, the website broke down at one time because of high visitor volume. Many people stayed up overnight to get a ticket for the opening ceremony, but in vain. Some netizens joked that the difficulty to get a ticket for the park is almost the same for getting a train ticket during the Chinese New Year Travel Rush.

At the same time, ticket scalpers attempt to grasp this opportunity to gain a fortune. Compared with the regular prices CNY 370 and CNY 499 respectively on ordinary and peak days, the scalped tickets can be as expensive as ten times! And you can’t judge whether they are real or not. Due to the great demand but relatively short supply of tickets, it can be predicted that scalpers will appear at the park entrance to sell their tickets when the park is formally open.

Actually this is not a unique scene. On April 3, 2016, in the Forbidden City, where only 80 thousand visitors are allowed to enter per day, the electronic screen showed that ticket sale has already closed. However, some vendors wandered around the main gate and sold tickets at a high price. For tourists who don’t want to lose the chance to see the amazing palace, they have no choice but to buy a ticket from the scalpers.

How to obtain tickets for China travel without being “robbed”

 1. It’s advisable to book a ticket in advance, especially when you are going to take a train during peak season, or visit a popular tourist site.
 2. Buy tickets through regulated channels. You can buy tickets on the official website or by calling the official hotline if there is. 
 3. If the official website does not have an English version, like the official website of China Railway Corporation 12306.cn, or the hot line does not speak English, you can buy tickets via a trustful and reliable agency. For example, you can book a train ticket through TravelChinaGuide to simplify the process. We are very professional and have served millions of foreign passengers. 
 4. If you fail to get a ticket in advance, try your luck on the site. There may be some visitors or passengers who cannot make the trip.
 5. Avoid purchasing tickets from scalpers. However, if you have no other choices, check whether the ticket is real or not before making the payment.