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Something Travelers Should Know as Typhoon Lekima Pounding Shanghai and Zhejiang

Published: Aug. 09, 2019

Typhoon Lekima is heading towards eastern China and will approach Shanghai and Zhejiang Province with strong wind and heavy rain on August 10 and 11, 2019. The destructive typhoon have affected a lot of people in transportation and travelling. The local governments has already launched emergency response. Here is something you should know about the typhoon Lekima and tips to travel in the Chinese rainy season.

Trains Stopped

A lot of trains to/from eastern cities will stop running on August 10 and 11, especially those departing from or heading to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, and Hefei. The trains will stop on August 10 including G584/1, G582/3, G598/9, G592/89, G590/1, G600/597, G7638/5, and D658/5.

The Chinese Railway Department will pay close attention to the typhoon condition and adjust the train schedule accordingly. Passengers should also notice the relative announcements on official websites, TVs and railway stations. For those who have bought the tickets of the stopped trains, they can get full refund within 30 days.

Flights Cancelled

Besides the trains, many flights will also be affected by the strong wind. The flights from Shanghai to Taipei CA196, CA198 and other flights to Shanghai will be cancelled in these two days. The Ningbo airport has also cancelled more than 45 flights and more than 20 flights will be stopped in Wenzhou airport.  

Attractions Closed

As the typhoon is landing in Eastern China, a lot of scenic areas in those cities close, especially these outdoor parks and some spots near sea. For example, in Shanghai, the Guyi Garden, Shanghai Zoo, Shanghai Botanical Garden have all been closed. In Ningbo, more than 100 attractions and amusement parks have been closed and thousands of tourists have been evacuated.

Although there are still some attractions opened during this period, it is not suggested travel in these cities, and the tourists planning to travel to these areas are advised to adjust the schedule and itinerary.

Tips in Travelling in Rainy Season

1. Pay close attention to the weather forecast of your travel destinations. Plan your travel schedule carefully including itinerary and transportation and make full preparation.

2. Prepare rain gear such as umbrella and raincoat. It is also necessary for you to bring some quick-dry clothes.

3. Choose outdoor activities carefully. On rainy days, avoid traveling to mountains, valleys or rivers. Don’t swim in lakes or rivers. If you want to take high risky adventures, remember to choose a reliable travel agency.

4. Prepare some first-aid appliance like medicines and fast food.

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