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Moscow - St. Petersburg Trains

History & Basic Information

Moscow to Saint-Petersburg Rail MapThe railway of Moscow - St. Petersburg covers a total length of 650km, regarded as one of the most popular train routes in Russia. Travelers from all over the world take this journey to experience all major highlights and treasures of both capitals. Over eight million passengers take this trip every year.
The Moscow - St. Petersburg railway is the second oldest rail line in Russia. It was officially put in use on Nov. 1, 1851. At that time, the “Saint Petersburg Vedomosty” newspaper issued the following news to celebrate this crucial and stirring event: “The most memorable day for all Russian should be the first day of November. The rail track between Moscow and Saint Petersburg was achieved, connecting both capitals and hubs in Russia.”
Over 40 daily departures are in service in both directions. The direct high-speed Sapsan train runs from Moscow to St. Petersburg in less than 4 hours, reaching a maximum speed of 250 kilometers (155 miles) per hour. While the slowest train travels up to 9 hours depending on different train types you choose. According to the railway planning project, a new high-speed rail line will be built among St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, and the trip will be shortened to 2.5 hours with a top speed up to 400 kilometers per hour.

Departure & Arrival Train Stations 


Moscow Leningradsky Station

The Kursky Station is the largest train station in Moscow, in which can simultaneously accommodate 11,000 passengers. It connects Moscow with Vladimir and other southern cities.
Address: 5/43 Komsomolskaya pl., 107140 Moscow, Russia, Moscow, Russia
How to get: The Leningradsky Station is located in the very center of Moscow and can be easily reached by public transportations, like subway.

Saint Petersburg Moskovsky Station

Constructed in the year 1851, the Moskovsky Station in Saint Petersburg is also regarded as the oldest and busiest station among the 5 stations in Saint Petersburg. The station has 14 rail tracks and 7 platforms, mainly serving the trains to Moscow, far north, Central Asia, Crimea and the Caucasus region.
Address: 85 Nevsky pr., 191086, St. Petersburg, Russia
How to get: The Moskovsky Station is situated at the city center of Saint Petersburg, which is easily accessible by the Metro. The subway transportation is the most convenient and easiest way to get there. In order not to miss the train, it’s better to get to the station at least 30 minutes in advance as passengers should go through the security checks.

Moscow - St. Petersburg Train Timetables

There are several types of trains running between Moscow and St. Petersburg, each with its own characteristics. You can select from the high-speed Sapsan trains, the most famous Red Arrow overnight trains, or other branded trains. Travelers can choose their suitable train according to their budget and schedules. No matter which train type you choose, you can experience the first-class services and excellent facilities onboard. Hereunder, we will list the train schedules and onboard services on the Sapsan and Red Arrow trains for reference.

Moscow to St. Petersburg Sapsan Train Schedule

(Last Update on June 4, 2020)
Train No. Operation Date Dep. Time Arr. Time Travel Time
752A Daily 5:45 9:15 3h30m
762A Sat, Sun 11:30 15:16 3h46m
774A Mon - Fri 17:40 21:35 3h55m
778A Daily 19:40 23:44 4h04m


St. Petersburg to Moscow Sapsan Train Schedule

(Last Update on June 4, 2020)
Train No. Operation Date Dep. Time Arr. Time Travel Time
753A Mon - Fri 6:40 10:43 4h03m
759A Daily 9:10 13:05 3h55m
763A Sat, Sun 11:10 14:56 3h46m
773A Daily 17:10 21:02 3h52m


Moscow to St. Petersburg Red Arrow Train Schedule

(Last Update on June 4, 2020)
Train No. Operation Date Dep. Time Arr. Time Travel Time
002A Daily 23:55 7:55 8h


St. Petersburg to Moscow Red Arrow Train Schedule

(Last Update on June 4, 2020)
Train No. Operation Date Dep. Time Arr. Time Travel Time
001A Daily 23:55 7:55 8h

Note: The above timetable is only for reference.

- Last modified on Jul. 27, 2020 -
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